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You Can Fly: Get lapsed pilots back into the left seatYou Can Fly: Get lapsed pilots backinto the left seat

Host a Rusty Pilots seminar this year

Many pilots take a hiatus from flying at some point. Family and work obligations, financial constraints, health issues—these are just a few of the reasons pilots may take a break from aviation. But many of these lapsed pilots are eager to fly again. Flight schools can help them get back in the air by hosting a Rusty Pilots seminar—at virtually no cost to you.
Pilot Briefing February 2020

AOPA research shows there are hundreds of thousands of inactive pilots—and most of them want to get back into the cockpit. By reaching out and inviting them to rejoin the aviation community, you can help these lapsed pilots get back into flying. The Rusty Pilots program has already welcomed back more than 7,600 pilots to flying.

AOPA provides an instructor who will deliver an engaging multimedia presentation. We’ll also provide take-home materials for each participant. Plus, we’ll help market the Rusty Pilots seminar by putting our database to work, reaching out to inactive pilots within 75 miles of your location. The instructor will also support your promotion efforts before and after the presentation.

Here’s what to expect as you prepare to hold a Rusty Pilots seminar:

Once you submit a request to host a Rusty Pilots seminar and we verify that you can meet the requirements, we will work to find a mutually acceptable date for your seminar. 

We will send you a memorandum of understanding to sign and send back in order to lock in your presentation date.

Once your date is locked in, you will receive a custom registration link for your participants and marketing support from AOPA. An AOPA instructor will deliver an interactive multimedia presentation, including handouts and valuable information your audience will need to get back in the cockpit, and the AOPA instructor will guide you on how to most effectively follow up with attendees using templates and other resources available to you online.


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