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Soaring is a different kind of flying

March/April Preflight

For most of us, the familiar roar of the engine is a comfort—assurance that all is running smoothly, and the propeller is hard at work pulling the aircraft through the air. Glider pilots see matters differently. In the silence of a sailplane cockpit, pilots can break free from the Point-A-to-Point-B mindset of a utility flier and focus on the challenge of staying aloft using the power of the sun and wind.

A glider pilot is always calculating. By adjusting to changing conditions and seeking out lift, a pilot can reach astounding heights and travel great distances without burning any fuel. While it’s a challenging sport, many glider pilots describe a sense of relaxation and peace when they’re up above it all.

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Sarah Deener

Sarah Deener

Managing Editor, 'AOPA Pilot' and 'Flight Training'
AOPA Pilot and Flight Training Managing Editor Sarah Deener is an instrument-rated commercial pilot and has worked for AOPA since 2009.

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