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AOPA Fly-Ins: The value of volunteersAOPA Fly-Ins: The value of volunteers

From parking airplanes to flipping pancakes, we can’t do this without you

Editor's note:

AOPA has postponed its San Marcos and Casper fly-ins. Click here for more details.

Pilot Briefing March 2020

Pilot Briefing March 2020AOPA plans its fly-ins, but volunteers bring them to life. Whether it’s setting up the main stage area, guiding aircraft and cars into their parking spaces, or taking down displays and exhibits at the end of the event, volunteers help make the magic happen.

But volunteering isn’t all about hard work—it’s also about meeting other volunteers, seeing the fly-in from the “insider’s” perspective, and making friends and valuable contacts that you will keep for years. You’ll be proud to have participated, knowing that you did your part to support GA. Plus, there’s free lunch, an AOPA volunteer T-shirt, and pilot hat for your efforts.

As one volunteer told us: “Volunteering in the early morning mist of a local airport, and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals, was truly like a breath of fresh air for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it, for what little part I may have played.”

The three AOPA Fly-Ins for 2020 will have lots of great opportunities you can choose from. Just a five-to six-hour commitment is all that’s needed. Join us in San Marcos, Texas, May 29 and 30; Casper, Wyoming, June 19 and 20; and Rochester, New York, September 11 and 12. Registration at the AOPA Fly-In Volunteer portal is now open.


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