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AOPA GO to be folded into AOPA app

AOPA GO will retire at end of 2020

AOPA is making it even easier for pilots to plan their flights, check weather, get their news, and manage their membership by consolidating its AOPA GO app into the main AOPA app. The AOPA app will provide more flight planning functionality than AOPA GO, which will be retired at the end of 2020.

The airport data, flight planning functionality, and weather information that pilots love about AOPA GO will be available from within the AOPA app, which will be upgraded in mid-November.

Through the AOPA app, pilots can access and even download the Airport and Destinations Directory, which not only includes pertinent airport data but also information about amenities and activities near the airport; the mobile version of iFlightPlanner for AOPA, which offers more robust planning tools than AOPA GO; and a new weather tool powered by SiriusXM Aviation (get a sneak peek and provide your feedback on this beta version). In addition, AOPA app users can still get the latest news, participate in the Pilot Passport monthly challenges, receive alerts for temporary flight restrictions, and manage certain aspects of their membership.

“Providing one robust app is better for our pilots and allows AOPA to maintain one great app instead of spreading our efforts and tools between two,” said Jiri Marousek, AOPA senior vice president of marketing.

AOPA released the AOPA GO app in 2015, and it “was a fantastic tool for some time,” Marousek added, “but as the main AOPA app evolved and got better and better, it was time to deliver one great app, so we migrated the majority of the AOPA GO benefits to the main AOPA app to create a better user experience and enhanced technology for flight activities and beyond.”

“Even with all of these improvements and additions, we aren’t done,” Marousek said. “We will be listening to all pilots’ feedback, because the now-one-and-only AOPA app will continue to get even better with their input.”

The AOPA app can be downloaded for free on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Click on the image to check out the beta version of the new AOPA Weather powered by SiriusXM Aviation.

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