Pilot Records Database details; Airline hiring boom is back

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Special Edition: Aviation Career Advice August 18, 2021
Expert Advice
Pilot Records Database rule takes effect
Pilot Records Database rule takes effect
A new rule that took effect August 9 requires air carriers and other operators to report their pilots' employment history, training, and qualifications in a new electronic database. It also mandates that operators review pilot applicants' records prior to hiring. AOPA's advocacy helped improve the rule. Read more >
Advisory circular provides guidance for operators, pilots
The Pilot Records Database and Pilot Records Improvement Act Advisory Circular, AC 120-68J, provides detailed guidance to operators and pilots for complying with the rule. Learn more >
Hiring Outlook
Career Pilot
Here comes the sun
Cyclical economic downturns in the airline industry are inevitable. Expect it. Prepare for it. The industry bounces back. Read more >
Airline hiring boom is back
Although the coronavirus pandemic is not over, people are returning to air travel and the airlines are scrambling to refill the pilot ranks. If a career as a pilot of any kind is your dream, there is no better time than the present, writes airline pilot and Flight Training blogger Chip Wright. Read more >
Airlines ramp up hiring
Career specialists report that pilots are back in demand and that the aviation industry is playing catch up after a surge in travel. Read more >
EAA AirVenture job fair attendance 'up 50 percent'
Ravn Alaska First Officer Crystal Frost said traffic at the weeklong EAA AirVenture Careers and Education Center event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was "probably up by about 50 percent" over 2019. Read more >
Career News
Passion, service, dedication: Meet Kenneth Thomas
Airshows sparked Kenneth Thomas' interest in aviation. Now, he is a major in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and is president of the Legacy Flight Academy. Read more >
Career spotlight
See the sights
Air tour pilots fly predictable shifts over familiar locations, giving passengers a fun and memorable experience seeing the local sights from the air. Read more >
Career spotlight
Problem solvers
You've heard there's a pilot shortage, but did you know that maintenance technicians are also in high demand? Read more >
Career Spotlight
Airport management
As the senior airport operations manager for the busiest general aviation airport in Virginia, Jolene Berry spends as much time in her truck as she does in her office overlooking the field. Read more >
CAU president 'excited' about rotorcraft degree program
If becoming a professional helicopter pilot is your aviation career goal, check out California Aeronautical University's new rotorcraft emphasis degree program at Falcon Field in Phoenix. Read more >
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Looking for a job?
Job seekers can find the latest aviation opportunities through the Aviation Job Postings page on AOPA's website. The job board is offered in partnership with Search the job board >
Featured Video
Now boarding: A career in aviation
Now boarding: A career in aviation and California Aeronautical University discussed the career opportunities that abound in aviation during a seminar at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021. Watch the video >
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