Textron’s new CJ4 Gen2: Styled to the max

Textron Aviation announced February 9 another new Citation CJ4—the CJ4 Gen2. It’s an upgraded version of the existing CJ4, and one with several aggressive stylistic innovations in its cabin.

Textron Aviation introduced the Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2, a stylish upgrade of the CJ4, which received FAA type certification in 2010. Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.

Image is everything, and the CJ4 Gen2 kicks off its refinements with a redesigned entry stair and handrail, complete with a customizable logo light and a lower entry sill to the cabin.

The cabin features choices in side-facing seat configurations. You can order a single folding seat, a fixed two-place couch, or a folding two-place couch that has additional storage space. A new cabin management system has an onboard media server that can stream pre-loaded audio and video files, access SiriusXM satellite radio, and display moving maps. Passengers can also wirelessly control cabin temperature, lighting, and window shades via their own iPads and smartphones.

As for the airplane’s refreshment center and galley, there are improved storage options and an optional, high-power outlet with a pull-out surface for a coffee maker. Extendable stone countertops are also available.

The Citation CJ4 Gen2 can seat up to 10 passengers and offers a choice of seating configurations. Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.

New lighting schemes also play a big part in the Gen2. Accent lighting is provided for the cabin pockets, sidewall, and floor—and also in the cupholders. And in a first for any Citation light jet, there are “CoolView” skylights for more natural light in the aft cabin and lavatory areas. A Premier Collection design option lets customers order a completely new lavatory vanity and seat. This gives customers “the atmosphere of a large aircraft with light jet performance capabilities,” said Christi Tannahill, Textron Aviation senior vice president of customer experience.

The CJ4 Gen2, like previous 525C-series CJ4s, retains its single-pilot certification. It has a max cruise of 451 knots, a max IFR range of 1,926 nautical miles, seats for up to 10 passengers, and a 1,040-pound baggage capacity. Deliveries of the new Gen2 will begin immediately, with a base price just above $10 million.

“With the CJ4 Gen2, we focused on a design that enhances passenger comfort with an elevated cabin to match the performance capabilities already trusted by Citation CJ4 owners,” said Tannahill.

The Citation CJ4 Gen2 retains the CJ4's single-pilot certification. Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.
Thomas A. Horne

Thomas A. Horne

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