Eyewear engineered for pilots

Method Seven showcases flight-ready shades at Sun 'n Fun

Editor's note: This story was updated April 8 to correct product information. AOPA regrets the error.

Santa Cruz, California-based eyewear company Method Seven has been developing sunglasses for pilots since 2015. Endorsements from aviation celebrities are accelerating awareness.

Members of the Method Seven crew speak with a customer in the Sun 'n Fun exhibitor hall. Photo by Niki Britton.

What makes Method Seven’s eyewear stand out for pilots seeking eye protection that allows equally clear views of avionics display and the outside world is filtering technology said to achieve what they like to call, “noise cancelling for your eyes.”

To put it simply, each lens cuts out the light you don’t need and amplifies the wavelengths you do. Unlike many traditional sunglasses that make everything darker, the company noted in an email exchange, Method Seven’s eyewear allows more light (beneficial light) to reach the eye, so pilots can discern details and see everything in vivid colors. The technology also allows wearers to “seamlessly transition” between looking inside and outside of the flight deck without having to take off their glasses.

In addition to the several dozen frame styles, the company offers four frames that are specifically engineered for use while flying (the Ascent, the Altitude, the Aviatrix, and the Patriot). Two lines of non-polarized lenses are also available, one made of glass and the other option made of polycarbonate.

The glasses are designed to be compatible and comfortable with aviation headsets, flight helmets, and even oxygen masks, the company said. The glasses are also lightweight. The Aviatrix frame weighs only 17.2 grams including lenses and is one of the lightest aviation specialty eyewear available and features proprietary tangle-free nose pads that don't get caught in your hair.

The company also offers custom prescription lenses for pilots including bifocals, single vision, and progressives. The price ranges from $170 to $240. Learn more about Method Seven at their website and on their Instagram, @methodsevenpilot.

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