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Upgrade your toolbox with Aircraft Spruce

Aircraft Spruce only aviation distributor for Milwaukee tools

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. is now your one-stop shop for all the Milwaukee tools and accessories every pilot and aircraft owner might need.

The author uses the Milwaukee wet/dry vacuum to clean the carpets and cup holders in her Cessna Skylane. Photo courtesy of Niki Britton.

I rent an aircraft hangar located at the end of a busy row with a leaky roof and a bad door seal. I often find my hangar full of sand and grass pushed under the door from passing aircraft or puddles of water from a recent storm. For clean-up, a corded leaf blower, shop broom, and large squeegee were my go-to tools. They did the job, but were cumbersome and time consuming. With the help of products from Milwaukee Tool, cleaning out my hangar has become a lot easier.

With a completely cord-free design and interchangeable batteries, I’m able to switch from the wet/dry vacuum to the handheld blower, cutting my cleaning time in half. Those same batteries can also be used to power the Jobsite Fan, a must have for hot hangar days or for white noise while traveling and camping.

The author uses the Milwaukee handheld blower to clean out sand and debris from her hangar. Photo courtesy of Niki Britton.

When it’s time to detail the Cessna 182 Skylane and check the tire pressure, I have everything I need in one place and organized in my Milwaukee Packout Modular storage system. With the wet/dry vacuum attached on top and the entire system atop the Milwaukee dolly, it’s easy to maneuver around the aircraft while vacuuming the interior and I can easily switch the smaller battery from any of my Milwaukee power tools and use it to run my portable compact inflator—great for tires and inflating my air mattress when camping.

My Milwaukee collection of tools and accessories has taken my hangar game to the next level. I know I could get along without them, but why would I want to?

As the only aviation distributor for the Milwaukee Tool lineup, Aircraft Spruce aims to provide rapid shipping of in-stock Milwaukee products that can be added to orders for other aircraft supplies. While the company is focusing on stocking the most aviation-related products, Aircraft Spruce can order nearly every SKU Milwaukee offers should you need something not listed on the website.

The Milwaukee Compact Inflator with the wet/dry vacuum. Photo by Niki Britton.

Niki Britton

eMedia Content Producer
eMedia Content Producer Niki Britton joined AOPA in 2021. She is a private pilot who enjoys flying her 1969 Cessna 182 and taking aerial photographs.
Topics: Gear, Aircraft Maintenance

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