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Early Analysis: Mysterious crash

Near the North Pole

AOPA Air Safety Institute Special Edition

In early December 2022, a TS9R aircraft crashed at an undisclosed location in the North Pole region. Thankfully this accident—which could have been so much worse—didn’t result in any fatalities. The flight was in radar contact and had been cleared to 10,000 feet by North Pole Departure.

After the TS9R aircraft took off it almost immediately displayed erratic flight behavior, according to ADS-B tracks. The pilot eventually seemed to recover enough control to return for landing, however an unstable final approach resulted in a hard crash-landing and cargo tumbling out of the open cockpit.

ADS-B data and ATC audio indicate the pilot was having difficulty maintaining assigned headings and control of the aircraft during its short flight. In Early Analysis: TS9R the AOPA Air Safety Institute (ASI) makes a preliminary assessment of the accident, addressing notable portions of the tragic flight and highlighting areas the NTSB will likely investigate to determine a probable cause. In addition, the video provides lessons that all GA pilots can learn from, including Safety Tips For Safe Holiday Flying!

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