ATP opens 70th location amid pilot shortage

Flight school aims to ‘fast track’ pilots to an airline career

ATP Flight School has opened its newest location 10 miles from downtown Pittsburgh at the Allegheny County Airport in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania.

ATP Flight School has opened its seventieth location in Pittsburgh. The school is also adding 25 new Piper Archers to its nationwide fleet throughout 2022. Photo courtesy of ATP Flight School.

“The airline industry is facing a shortage of pilots, presenting a tremendous opportunity for new pilots to establish a rewarding and lucrative career,” said Michael Arnold, ATP Flight School director of marketing. “We’re excited to bring this opportunity to aspiring pilots in Pittsburgh and provide them with the fastest track to becoming an airline pilot.”

ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program jump-starts flying careers with a fixed-cost, accelerated flight program in modern Piper aircraft. The school’s airline-oriented training aims to prepare students for the airline environment in as little as seven months.

Although the Airline Career Pilot Program is costly—$87,995 for students without a private pilot certificate or $68,995 for private pilots—the school’s website states that 930 ATP graduates have been hired by various airlines in the past 12 months. Some airlines are even offering up to $17,500 in tuition reimbursement to ATP graduates.

“We are thrilled to welcome ATP to Allegheny County Airport, which has a 90-year history in the aviation industry,” said Traci Clark, Allegheny County Airport Authority vice president of corporate and general aviation. “More pilots need to be trained to address the national pilot shortage and having another first-class option like ATP in Western Pennsylvania is key. It's another example of the important role general aviation airports like AGC have in the community and industry.”

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