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ePilot Special Report: Unleaded fuel for all by 2030

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ePilot Special Report: Unleaded fuel for all by 2030 February 23, 2022
Top Stories
Industry rallies to make GA lead-free by 2030
Industry rallies to make GA lead-free by 2030
General aviation leaders, petroleum industry stakeholders, and the U.S. government announced an ambitious commitment on February 23 to transition to lead-free aviation fuels for all piston-engine aircraft by the end of 2030. Read more >
Aircraft market roared back in '21
Aircraft makers posted gains across all segments in 2021, with worldwide aircraft sales up—though not every company rose on the wave of demand. Read more >
What our all-out push for lead-free fuel means to you
AOPA President Mark Baker will lead a discussion of experts on March 2 at 9 a.m. Eastern time about the creation of a new coalition to make good on our collective pledge to remove lead from aviation fuel by 2030. Set a reminder on YouTube >
Pilot magazine
Cost outlook for coming transition to unleaded fuel
Unleaded fuel may not prove to be much more expensive than 100LL in the long run. Petroleum industry veteran and pilot Paul Millner explains why he's optimistic about the coming transition. Read more >
Online resource
Follow the progress of unleaded fuel
We've compiled the latest news, answers to common questions, updates on AOPA advocacy, and actions you can take to help GA transition to lead-free fuel for every aircraft by the end of this decade. Visit our unleaded fuel microsite >
Frequently asked question
Why is this issue so important?
Answer: This is the most pressing issue facing general aviation today because leaded fuels threaten our freedom to fly, and threaten to quell the economic impact of GA and the great humanitarian services it provides. Transitioning to an unleaded high-octane fuel that meets the need of the entire fleet is complex, but progress is being made. All of GA supports the smart and safe transition to unleaded fuel for all aircraft.
Frequently asked question
What changes will I have to make to my engine to use 100UL avgas?
Answer: Those with 100UL formulations in development report that no modifications need to be made to engines. The focus is on a transition to 100UL that works for all aircraft in the current GA fleet without the need for engine modification.
Frequently asked question
How long will leaded fuel be available?
Answer: Total disappearance of 100LL without an available 100UL is a real threat to safety. Some airports have banned the sale of all leaded fuel since January 1, leaving many pilots and aircraft owners without an option that will safely work for their aircraft. The industry supports a smart transition toward a 100UL solution that will work for the entire GA fleet.
Frequently asked question
How do I know if my aircraft can take Swift Fuels UL94?
Answer: Pilots are encouraged to check their flight manual or pilot's operating handbook to see which fuels are approved for their aircraft's engine and fuel system. In addition, Swift Fuels has a web tool that lists which aircraft makes and models have been approved for its UL94.
Frequently asked question
My engine was originally approved to run on 80 octane. Do I need an STC to use UL94?
Answer: Yes. The FAA requires a supplemental type certificate to be issued when an aircraft owner has "received FAA approval to modify an aeronautical product from its original design." This far-reaching definition of modification includes the approval to use a fuel not specified for the original design or in the original aircraft flight manual or pilot's operating handbook.
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Featured Video
Our urgent need to move to lead-free fuels
Our urgent need to move to lead-free fuels
AOPA Live® briefed pilots on the unleaded fuel imperative, including why it's important to all of us. Watch the video >
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