Dynon autopilot certified for Beechcraft model 36 series Bonanzas

New installation simplifies, speeds installation of SkyView HDX system

Dynon Certified announced on December 21 that its autopilot is now FAA certified for installation in all Beechcraft model 36, A36, and B36 Bonanzas.

Dynon Certified has received FAA certification for its autopilot to be installed in all Beechcraft model 36, A36, and B36 Bonanzas. Photo courtesy of Dynon Certified.

Dynon Certified is the company Dynon established to produce avionics for certified aircraft, building on Dynon's long history of making affordable avionics for experimental aircraft. The Dynon Certified autopilot is available as an option for its already certified SkyView HDX avionics displays for select aircraft. When equipped, Bonanza pilots will benefit from a full-featured three-axis autopilot system, including yaw damper, that is capable of flying instrument approaches when paired with a compatible third-party IFR navigation device.

“We’re excited to expand Bonanza autopilot certification to the model 36 series,” said Michael Schofield, Dynon director of marketing, in a news release. “The Bonanza community has been passionate and patient in waiting for this addition. We’re delighted to deliver this capability to pilots.”

Pricing for a three-axis autopilot system starts at $5,530 for the model 36 series Bonanza aircraft, including all required brackets, hardware, and servo harnesses.

Dynon Certified also introduced its suite of mounting system products designed to attach modules to brackets and trays specifically manufactured to receive them, as well as to integrate with Dynon SkyView HDX displays and other existing aircraft mounting points, greatly reducing installation time and effort.

Autopilot approvals are in progress for Cessna 182, Beechcraft Baron, and Mooney M20 airplanes. “Additional Bonanza models are expected to be added in the future,” the company said.

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