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Approach Aviation introduces expanded alternator coupling tool kit

Massachusetts-based Approach Aviation announced an expanded alternator drive coupling tool kit, which will be able to service more Continental piston engines, on July 19.

The Alternator Coupling Tool Kit from Approach Aviation. Photo courtesy of Approach Aviation.

The patent-pending Alternator Coupling Tool Kit by Approach Aviation is “designed for proper installation, removal and testing of alternator drive couplings found on an expanded number of Continental Aerospace Technologies piston engines,” according to the company’s press release.

Approach Aviation launched the first set of alternator coupling tools, ADCKIT1, in April 2021. The original kit supports Continental IO-520/550 engines and comes with a precision steel spanner and a powder-coated steel drive gear socket with aluminum gear mesh. This expanded kit, the ADCKIT2, includes everything from the first kit plus an adapter, which allows the kit to also service C-75/85/90/115/125/145, E-165/185/225, O-200/300, and IO-240/360 series engines.

Proper installation and inspection (every 500 hours) are crucial for engines with direct-drive, gear-driven alternators, as an imprecise coupling installation can lead to engine failure. The purpose of this upgraded alternator tool kit is to make it easy for mechanics to inspect, install, and remove this important engine component.

“Proper installation and inspection of the alternator drive coupling is critical to the safety of these aircraft and our first tool kit for IO-520/550 engines has been so popular that it’s been difficult to maintain stock,” said Jeff Simon, president of Approach Aviation. “This enhanced kit supports even more engines and makes it easier for shops to do proper maintenance, as well as test the couplings before sending an alternator out for maintenance. It saves money for aircraft owners and is a win-win for both safety and efficiency.”

The new ADCKIT2 is priced at $239.95, while the original ADKIT1 is still available for $199.95 on Approach Aviation’s website.

Read stories and advice from Jeff Simon in his monthly maintenance column for AOPA Online.

Lillian Geil

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