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New option for payment is just $7.99

Did you know that an AOPA standard membership, which includes your choice of magazine and access to our pilot hotline where we can answer all and any aviation questions you have, is just $7.99 per month?
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With hundreds of thousands of members, AOPA is the central and premier resource for pilots and like-minded aviation enthusiasts who share a common passion for flight. We inspire, educate, and promote the freedom of flight through world-class media, products, services, and advocacy.

Our new monthly membership option is perfect for students and others starting their aviation journey. You receive a free magazine (Flight Training or AOPA Pilot); travel planning tools and exclusive discounts; safety and educational resources; access to the Pilot Information Center helpline; AOPA App and multimedia resources; exclusive member access to finance and insurance; free basic aircraft valuation reports (certain restrictions apply); and 10 percent member discount on AOPA Pilot Gear purchases, all for just $7.99 billed monthly. You can upgrade to membership with basic Pilot Protection Services (legal and medical) for $13.99. For $17.99 per month, Pilot Protection Services Plus provides enhanced premier benefits with maximum legal and medical coverage for pilots operating under ATP, commercial, flight instructor, or UAS Part 107 certificates, or those who want more coverage.

Free memberships

AOPA is proud to offer youth aviators, aspiring aviation students, and members of the military a complimentary trial membership.

  • Digital or print magazine.
  • Free access to AOPA Flight Training Advantage (AFTA), a fast and cost-effective way to train for your private pilot certificate.
  • Free learn to fly special edition.
  • Student pilot helpline for one-on-one support and advice.
  • Flight Training weekly newsletter with training and safety tips, technique videos, and more.
  • Flight Training website with premium content.
  • Access to flight training scholarships and other financial resources.
  • Access to flight training college aviation directory.
  • Events and communities for student pilots.

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