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'Give Wings' for the future

Aircraft donations help us build aviation's future

A single aircraft can serve generations of pilots, though not all of us have pilots in the family who will keep our airplanes flying after we no longer can. When the time comes to part with your aircraft, consider donating it to the AOPA Foundation. You may get a significant tax benefit while helping secure the future of general aviation for everyone.

A 1980 Piper Turbo Arrow generously provided by David and Kathryn Beebe of Oregon found a new home in Colorado. Their donation helped fund the You Can Fly program to help get—and keep—more people flying. Photo by Owen Leipelt/Lafferty Aircraft Sales.

The Give Wings aircraft donation program is a quick, easy, and beneficial way to ensure your aircraft will find a good home while helping us maintain a bright and vibrant future for GA. Donating your aircraft to the AOPA Foundation may also provide you with significant tax benefits while supporting the AOPA Foundation's efforts to grow the pilot population and keep GA sustainable.

In addition to the tax advantages, donors can take pride knowing their aircraft donation supports a variety of programs such as the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s seminars, courses, and video production, as well as the You Can Fly program’s initiatives including the High School Aviation STEM education program, along with resources provided to flight schools and clubs to grow and expand their respective operations.

In short, your aircraft donation can help build a stronger, safer pilot community for the future.

Most donated aircraft are sold, however some are added to AOPA’s fleet that supports flight training or business travel. Others are overhauled and given away, such as the 2022 AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger.

Program acceptance parameters generally include a minimum value of at least $50,000 with a clear title and no liens, and, a current annual inspection. Learn more online about how you can contribute to a bright future for GA, or call Becky Johnston at 301-695-2274.

by Rodney Martz, a Senior Aviation Technical Specialist with AOPA’s Pilot Information Center, which assists the AOPA Foundation in reviewing aircraft donation offers. Rodney has nearly 20 years experience in finance and more than 30 years on the AOPA  staff. He can be reached at 301-695-2124.

Proceeds from the sale of this 2010 Legend Cub donated by Michael Baldwin of Arizona help to grow the pilot population. Photo by Rodney Martz. The A36 Bonanza donated by Murray Patkin of Massachusetts  is used in furtherance of GA and gets AOPA staff where they need to be. Photo by Rodney Martz. Your 2022 AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger was a much-appreciated gift from Derrell and Shelley Lipman of Massachusetts. Photo by Rodney Martz. This 1967 Cessna 172 donated by  David Bagnall made its way from New York to new owners in Virginia and helped support the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s programming along the way. Photo by Rodney Martz. This RV-12 donated by Jerry Wipper of California was added to the AOPA fleet for flight training and other operations. Photo courtesy of Jerry Wipper. AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Richard McSpadden pilots a newly donated Extra 300L aircraft over central Maryland. Flight instructor, Microsoft Flight Simulator program manager, and aerobatic pilot Bruce Williams donated the Extra 300L aircraft to AOPA for aviation safety awareness. Photo by David Tulis.

AOPA You Can Fly Staff

AOPA You Can Fly Staff members work to make flying more accessible and affordable by supporting flying clubs, encouraging best practices in flight training, getting lapsed pilots back in the air, and helping high school students learn more about careers in aviation.
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