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A key part of AOPA’s travel tools, the AOPA Airports and Destinations Directory has been redesigned to not only provide a comprehensive airport directory, but to also allow you to search for area activities, nearby restaurants, and explore new places to fly.

Fly with AOPA

Airport directory

Want to quickly find an airport by identifier? Simply enter the three- or four-character identifier in the Search box and hit Enter or click the Search button. This takes you directly to the airport details page where you can find all the information you expect in an airport directory. The airport detail page combines information from the FAA, airport managers, FBO managers, and information from AOPA as well. You can also find exclusive AOPA member discounts from many car rental and hotel brands.

Use the handy sticky navigation bar to jump to the various main sections of the airport information to reduce the amount of scrolling on long pages.

If you want to travel to a certain area and are not familiar with the airports in the region, you can enter city names and addresses in the Search box, too. The directory will automatically start displaying a list of matching results that you can choose from. The list will show airport names and locations that you can select from. With a location selected, click on Search to see a map of airports around your selected location.

Want to get more information about a specific airport? Just click on an airport information card to go to the airport detail page.

On the airport details page, you can also use the Local Activities tab to find area restaurants, lodging, and select activities that are close to the airport.

Explore places to fly

Looking to find new places to fly to and fun things to do? Start your search by using the “Explore Places to Fly” tab. This search allows you to find various activities in a specific area.

Simply enter a location, select your desired activity, and click the Search button.

  • Restaurants
  • Outdoor activities
  • Golf
  • Skiing
  • Fishing
  • Amusement parks
  • Museums
  • Lodging

You’ll see a map displaying not only your selected activity but also airports in that area. This makes it very easy to find things to do that are close to airports. Clicking on an activity card will provide more information and allow you to open the Google Places page for that activity.

You can also click on the airport markers to get more information about the airports in the area.

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