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It’s the most wonderful time…

To give pilots gifts for pilots

Were you always told that the best gifts are ones you’d want to receive yourself? Me too.
Photography by David Tulis
Photography by David Tulis

So, it stands to reason if you’re a pilot giving a gift to a pilot, you should shop at a place that is made for pilots, by pilots. That would be the AOPA Pilot Gear Store and AOPA Online. Let’s go shopping.

Dad—Has he told you a thousand times about his past flying exploits and how important supporting organizations such as AOPA are in defending our freedoms? Then he needs a Balsa Wood T-shirt or Vintage Airplane T-shirt or a Freedom to Fly T-shirt from the Pilot Gear Store ($25 each). Or has he not flown in years because he’s been so busy with you darn kids or bringing home a paycheck or mowing the lawn? Time to get that man back into the left seat. Rusty Pilot online courses are free to AOPA members (

Mom—She’s been your biggest supporter. Anxious at first but confident in your abilities. First sign her up for an introductory flight or her first lesson if you haven’t already, then buy her the pink AOPA appliqued sweatshirt that everyone is wearing ($50) or a ladies’ long-sleeve floral tee ($35). Don’t forget to check her into the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Companion Copilot Video Series (

Big brother—So now he’s a lawyer. Make him remember he’s still fun with windsock or gauges designed socks so when he crosses his legs at that next big meeting, they’ll know who he really is ($15 each).

Sister—She’s as accomplished as you (maybe even more) and supremely tired that people think only men fly. There are many shirts and tops designed just for her—from polos ($59) to hoodies ($55) and pullovers ($65)—I think she’s going to forgive you for that last hard landing.

Your best friend or significant other—Flying is the greatest gift; it takes you to places others won’t see as intimately, such as the islands of the Bahamas or the Caribbean from a GA vantage point. Our guides to the Bahamas and Caribbean are the perfect gift ($79.90 for both).

That crazy cousin—Check out all our tees like the Anti-Road Trip, Blue Skies, or the Freedom Flyin’ T-shirts ($15-$28). And if all else fails, remember everyone loves an AOPA hat ($19-$25).

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Julie Walker

Julie Summers Walker

AOPA Senior Features Editor
AOPA Senior Features Editor Julie Summers Walker joined AOPA in 1998. She is a student pilot still working toward her solo.

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