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'One-of-a-kind' STOL event approaching

ArkanSTOL draws pilots back to Ozark

ArkanSTOL's third annual Ozark Backwoods Challenge will begin September 28 at Byrd’s Adventure Center in Ozark, Arkansas.

ArkanSTOL competitor Robbie Staton is seen flying his Javron Super Cub during the competition. Photo by Cam Walton courtesy of ArkanSTOL.

The rain-or-shine event provides a challenging flying environment for pilots who are backcountry and short takeoff and landing enthusiasts to demonstrate their knowledge and skill in a timed competition. This year, event coordinators are excited to debut their new course.

“Many off-airport landings around trees and hills require a steep approach, so we’ve included a judged landing distance over inflatable pylons to the mix,” said ArkanSTOL co-founder Rusty Coonfield. “Pilots will be competing against themselves as much as the other competitors.”

“ArkanSTOL will be using a new composite scoring system unique to our competition that factors in speed, final landing distance, and course penalties,” the organization said in a press release. “Spectators will love the flying activities for all three days with over 45 pilots competing for the coveted ArkanSTOL medallions.”

In addition to a thrilling event for competitors, pilots and spectators alike will enjoy a unique aviation event complete with “legendary family-friendly Southern hospitality, live bluegrass music, delicious food, camping, and other outdoor activities.”

Not only will this year’s event feature a new course, but also new educational activities. AOPA will be on-site throughout the event and will be hosting a STOL panel discussion in addition to other informative presentations.

Advance registration is encouraged, and pilots flying into the event must be familiar with arrival procedures.

Cayla McLeod

Cayla McLeod Hunt

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