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AOPA launches alliance program

New program will cross-promote aviation organizations

In the spirit of growing the broad tent of general aviation, AOPA is launching an alliance organization program designed to cross-promote groups that have mutually beneficial goals for the aviation community.

Niche aviation associations and type clubs are a critical part of the GA fabric. While they are among the most avid aviation groups, such groups may be unknown to many pilots and aircraft owners who would benefit from their educational programs and sense of community.

The AOPA Alliance program will support these organizations through a dedicated webpage and exposure in AOPA print, online, and video media channels. AOPA allied organizations will, in turn, educate their members about AOPA’s mission and initiatives through their websites, channels, and events.

AOPA is introducing this initiative with the Antique Airplane Association (AAA). Based at Antique Airfield in Blakesburg, Iowa, AAA is the world’s oldest organization dedicated to antique and classic aviation. Formed in 1953 by Robert L. Taylor, and currently run by son Brent Taylor, its mission is to help the owners, restorers, and pilots of antique and classic aircraft to “keep the antiques flying.” The association comprises 3,500 members across the United States, who fly a range of vintage and classic aircraft dating from the 1920s through the 1950s.

“While different organizations may have different goals and memberships, all of GA needs to come together and protect our shared passion for aviation and our collective freedom to fly,” said AOPA President Mark Baker. “Members of the Antique Airplane Association are among the most passionate aviators we know and share many values with AOPA. This is a great fit, and we look forward to such partnerships with other organizations.”

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