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Managing ‘big deal’ weather

Weather is a big deal for pilots. Your ratings, experience, passengers onboard (or the lack thereof) and personal minimums determine when weather becomes a really ‘big deal’ for your flight.

Having access to weather information inflight is important and having it on the ground during the run up when one last look before departing can be especially valuable.

Because SiriusXM Aviation is satellite-based and can deliver weather and data information at any altitude, all kinds of pilots use the service. Take Jody Jones, Justin Siems, and Mike Ojo, for example. They are three very different pilots who all use SiriusXM Aviation to help manage that ‘big deal’ weather.

Jones, president of the International Stinson Club, uses SiriusXM to gauge the crosswind component at his destination airport when flying his vintage tailwheel.

From freight pilot to corporate pilot, Siems (@pilottopilot) keeps an eye on fronts, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, turbulence, and PIREPs with SiriusXM Aviation to get the big picture. This combination of features helps him create the best plan for his passengers. 

Ojo (@MojoGrip) changes the SiriusXM Aviation features that he uses depending on the weather he is expecting on his flight. On good weather days he uses the Winds and Cloud Tops features. If he is expecting weather to come in, he uses Storm Cells and Radar. 

Just like these pilots, SiriusXM Aviation can help you confidently make the best decisions when dealing with weather. To fly with the service and learn if it is right for you, get a two-month trial offer at

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SiriusXM Aviation

SiriusXM Aviation

SiriusXM’s satellite-delivered weather is always available inflight with no altitude limitations or line-of-sight restrictions, unlike ground-based ADS-B. It provides coast-to-coast radar, winds, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, and more – helping you know what weather lies ahead so you can fly with confidence. To receive a two month trial of SiriusXM Aviation Weather and Entertainment or learn more about other SiriusXM offers, please go to