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Four-place Bearhawk Model B gets new engine option

Bearhawk Aircraft, manufacturer of two-, four-, and six-seat kit aircraft known for their backcountry capabilities, announced the new DeltaHawk DHK180 Jet A piston engine would be available as an option on the company’s four-place Bearhawk Model B.

Photo courtesy of Bearhawk Aircraft.

The 180-horsepower Jet A-powered DHK180 received FAA type certification in May and is the first in a family of engines planned by DeltaHawk.

“We are contacted often by pilots all over the world in locations where 100LL avgas is unavailable or very expensive,” said Mark Goldberg, president of Bearhawk Aircraft. “For these builders,” Goldberg continued, the DeltaHawk "represents a great option. In addition, many builders in the [United States] want alternative engine choices. The economical and Jet A burning DeltaHawk will be attractive.”

Bearhawk aircraft are known for their payload capacity and rugged design, and are a popular choice for bush flying. Designer Bob Barrows explained in an online video that he designed the Bearhawk with an aluminum wing that is more efficient than that of other short takeoff and landing competition fabric-wing aircraft and has a “good sturdy design.” The aircraft’s steel-tube fuselage was chosen for its resilience and ease of repair. The Bearhawk is available as a kit or can be built from plans.

“Bearhawk designs are extraordinary aircraft in terms of payload and STOL capability, combined with fast cruise speeds,” Dennis Webb, director of marketing and certification for DeltaHawk, said. “The DeltaHawk DHK180 in a Bearhawk will significantly expand its capabilities—especially with regards to altitude performance, range, and lower cost of operation.”

The engine includes a factory warranty that covers the engine for 24 months or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. The new warranty can be extended to 36 months or 2,400 hours if the “operator agrees to provide timely engine monitoring data and oil analysis.” DeltaHawk will also be developing a firewall forward package for installation in multiple aircraft, including the Bearhawk.

To prepare for production and commercialization, the company says it is completing additional endurance testing and flight evaluations of the DHK180 in multiple aircraft. The engine is certified for applications on both experimental and standard category certified aircraft. DeltaHawk is currently taking refundable $1,000 reservation deposits for the engine and expects to begin delivering engines in the first half of 2024. More information on the DHK180 can be found online.

The Bearhawk four-place Model B Advanced Quick Build Kit costs $72,000. The price of the kit does not include the cost of avionics or engine. DeltaHawk said the price of the DHK180 is still being determined, though they expect it will be "competitive." 

Niki Britton
eMedia Content Producer
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