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Three pilots, three different reasons for SiriusXM Aviation

An IFR student pilot, a backcountry pilot, and a grandfather flying his grandchildren all walk into an FBO. Is this the start to a bad joke, or an article? This is the latter—and highlights how pilots flying completely different missions use SiriusXM Aviation to confidently know what is ahead to make the best decisions.
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From left to right: Rick Bosshardt, Dr. Victor Vogel, Jeff Auen, 

There are three keys benefits that pilots count on when flying with SiriusXM Aviation. SiriusXM Aviation offers:

  1. No altitude limitations or line-of-sight restrictions
  2. More weather features than other inflight weather services
  3. Coast-to-coast weather information always available

Watch these videos from pilots with three different missions to hear firsthand how they use these benefits to their advantage when they can't get decent cell service, can't see what is front of them, or are on a long cross country.

Backcountry pilot, Rick Bosshardt, regularly flies where there is no Wi-Fi, cell service, or ADS-B coverage. He relies on SiriusXM’s satellite-delivered METARs, TAFs, and temporary flight restrictions to avoid wildfires when flight planning and flying in the backcountry. Watch Rick compare ADS-B and SiriusXM Aviation when flying in the backcountry to learn more.

Watch IFR Student pilot Jeff Auen talk about a lesson where he realized there were more features than just radar that he should be taking advantage of for his instrument training. He now uses winds aloft, icing, and more to assist in his inflight decision making. 

National Association of Flight Instructors Board Member and grandfather Dr. Victor Vogel is passionate about STEM and introducing students to the variety of careers that aviation has to offer. Dr. Vogel flies with SiriusXM Aviation for its consistent resolution and always available radar to avoid convective activity. Watch Dr. Vogel talk about the value of SiriusXM Aviation's radar and how he used it during a late summer flight to avoid a storm and protect his "precious cargo."

Whether you are in the backcountry, an IFR pilot, or flying "precious cargo," SiriusXM Aviation helps you confidently make the best weather decisions inflight. To fly with the service and learn if it is right for you, get a 2-month trial offer at

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SiriusXM Aviation

SiriusXM’s satellite-delivered weather is always available inflight with no altitude limitations or line-of-sight restrictions, unlike ground-based ADS-B. It provides coast-to-coast radar, winds, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, and more – helping you know what weather lies ahead so you can fly with confidence. To receive a two month trial of SiriusXM Aviation Weather and Entertainment or learn more about other SiriusXM offers, please go to