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Created by Textron Aviation

You Spoke, Textron Aviation Listened

They say it’s what’s on the inside that matters, so Textron Aviation listened to their owner-operators about what they wanted to see on the inside of the newly re-designed Citation M2®.

And after Textron Aviation listened, they turned their engineers loose to create solutions that boosted comfort, productivity, and onboard tech–an overhaul called Gen2, which includes game changers and difference makers.

Gen2 updates include anything from top-of-the-line weather radar and more legroom for your co-pilot, to USB-C charging ports and other conveniences throughout the cabin.

As an owner-operator, you'll appreciate the M2 Gen2's touch-screen Garmin G3000 avionics suite, and the new generation M2 comes standard with the Garmin GWX™ 8000 StormOptix™, with its workload-reducing auto mode.

The cockpit itself has been physically redesigned so that–without affecting the pilot's space – the right-hand seat now has more leg room for a passenger riding shotgun. In another seat change, the forward side-facing seat now has an optional fold down seatback, creating a convenient place for a flight bag or catering cooler, while secure netting keeps the load in place.

But that's not all when it comes to storage. New hidden compartments give you places to squirrel away all those pilot things you rarely need, but like to have with you, like flashlights and spare headset batteries. All of this is on top of the combined 725 pounds of luggage space in the exterior nose and tail baggage compartments. These storage solutions give you the option to carry skis and fishing poles on the weekend just as easily as they do suitcases during the week.

Of course, with light, well balanced flight controls–and impressive runway performance–the M2 Gen2 is a delight to fly. Sure, you need a jet for your mission; but shouldn't you have one that's also a pleasure in flight?

And speaking of pleasure, a host of upgrades increase the flying experience for those seated in the cabin. For instance, the legendary comfort of Citation seats has been retained, but the look and upholstery have been upgraded to reflect today's passenger expectations. Meanwhile, new wireless charging trays make it a snap for them to keep their personal devices fully charged for 1,500-mile journeys; and charging ports now include USB-C along with USB-A and universal 115-volt outlets.

The interior lighting system has been redesigned with up-wash ceiling lighting that floods the entire upper cabin. Meanwhile, accent lighting throughout the aircraft–from cup holders to side pockets to under the executive fold-out table–bathe the lower cabin. And, of course, it's all fully controllable to suit the needs of your passengers: from bright light for fueling productivity; to end of the day soft glow for unwinding when the mission is accomplished.

Oh, right— the cupholders. Textron Aviation heard you, and they are deeper now. Hey, sometimes it is the little things that make a difference on the inside, and the M2's overhaul didn't ignore anything–because it is what's on the inside that matters.

But of course, with jaw-dropping ramp appeal, the outside of the M2 Gen2 will also have you turning heads.

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