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New show format highlights our inspiring video stories

“Hi, I’m Alyssa Cobb. Come fly with AOPA.” That’s our new call to enjoy Fly With AOPA on our website and the AOPA Pilot Video YouTube channel.
Fly with AOPA
Photography by Chris Rose

You know Alyssa from her time as co-anchor with former Editor in Chief Tom Haines on AOPA Live This Week, the online news show created by Warren Morningstar in 2009. The “new show” brings you out to the airport to chat with Cobb and AOPA staff in their hangars and watch the latest videos highlighting new aircraft, amazing destinations, techniques to become better pilots, and interesting folks in the aviation community.

Our loyal viewers play a key role in each show as well. Every week we seek viewer-submitted videos of your aviation adventures and sentimental flights to share with the rest of our community.

“We enjoy standing around the hangar shooting the breeze—whether before or after we go flying or just because we want to hang out with our friends at the airport. We want a chance to do that with you every week through this show, watching and talking about amazing aviation videos and news and connecting with you through comments and your own video footage,” said Cobb, AOPA senior director of digital media.

You can find Fly With AOPA on our website or go to the AOPA Pilot Video YouTube channel where you can also interact with us through comments.

You’ll find tips and techniques from safety experts such as AOPA Air Safety Institute Senior Vice President Richard McSpadden and CFIs like Ian J. Twombly; fly along in new and unusual aircraft with Dave Hirschman and Tom Horne; travel to exciting destinations and get the story behind the stories of AOPA Pilot with Julie Summers Walker, Jill W. Tallman, and Alicia Herron; and meet the people who make general aviation great with Niki Britton, Erick Webb, and Cayla McLeod Hunt—all brought to you by the video storytelling of Josh Cochran (above), and Michelle Walker.

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Did you know?

216,000+: The number of views of AOPA videos each month.

Julie Walker

Julie Summers Walker

AOPA Senior Features Editor
AOPA Senior Features Editor Julie Summers Walker joined AOPA in 1998. She is a student pilot still working toward her solo.

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