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CubCrafters acquires Summit Aircraft Skis

Deal includes assets, patents, intellectual property

Yakima, Washington-based CubCrafters, one of the leading manufacturers of backcountry aircraft, recently announced it has acquired Summit Aircraft Skis.

Photo courtesy of CubCrafters.

“We are very excited and pleased to welcome Summit’s customers and products into our family here in Yakima,” said Patrick Horgan, CubCrafters president and CEO. “It has been a joy for our team to work together with Mike Custard, Summit’s founder, to coordinate a smooth ski manufacturing transition. Adding Summit Skis to the CubCrafters product lineup allows us to better meet our customers’ needs and adds a new profit center. We see great potential for growth with the Summit brand that we want to be a part of going forward.”

According to Horgan, the acquisition of Summit Aircraft Skis “improves value for consumers,” as the skis will be made available to all CubCrafters and competitor aircraft.

Custard stated that unlike other skis on the market, the company’s product utilizes a patented bolt-on attachment bracket that eliminates the need for welding the ski onto the landing gear.

“Our like-minded drive for high-quality innovation is one of the main reasons we chose CubCrafters as our successor,” said Custard. “CubCrafters’ leadership, its people, and facilities are all outstanding. The tooling and construction techniques are familiar to the CubCrafters’ composites facility and staff.”

Although the ski manufacturer is the newest acquisition of the popular backcountry aircraft manufacturer, Summit Aircraft Skis have been a longtime favorite of aircraft owners.

“I’ve been using Summits’ skis for some time now and they have enabled me to adventure further afield and discover and land in new, fresh places,” said Bob Breeden, an Alaska backcountry flying expert. “I really love these skis and I’m very pleased to hear that they will be in CubCrafters’ capable hands going forward. I know the team there will keep the innovation going and will ensure the skis are supported in the future.”

Cayla McLeod

Cayla McLeod Hunt

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