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Created by STEM Flights

You’ve given plenty of airplane rides…Now give career inspiration!

Looking for a more meaningful use of your aircraft and time? Would you like to share your experiences and knowledge with deserving kids? Kids who have been pre-screened and are motivated to hear your words? If yes, please consider volunteering as a STEM Flights Pilot Mentor. We are focused on quality—not quantity.

STEM Flights is a one-on-one flight experience between you and a middle or high school student in your local community. These flights are designed to inspire kids to pursue STEM and aviation careers. Students must submit an application, complete the online STEM curriculum, include a letter of recommendation, and have their parent or guardian sign the waiver of liability. Once they are approved for a flight experience, STEM Flights will match them (and the parents/guardians) with you. You control the scheduling details and location of the flight. We deliver quality students who are there to learn, not get a “joy ride.” Our new mobile app will guide you throughout the entire process.

Our goal is to regain the technological edge that the United States once enjoyed by inspiring the next generation of aviation enthusiasts and STEM workforce professionals. Your mentoring is the main ingredient to changing a kid's life.  After the mission, STEM Flights continues the mentoring you started by offering STEM and aviation career training options, a scholarship database, online STEM resources, career exploration, additional mentoring, and more through our STEM “Flight Following” program.

Bottom line:  A STEM Flights experience is free for students. You donate your time and airplane; and together we help create the next generation of STEM and aviation leaders. We provide the checklists and each mission requires approximately .8 hours of aircraft time, plus pre- and postflight briefing time. We ask that you donate at least four flights per year to local students. but most of our Pilot Mentors do much more. We operate in every state and we bring the students to you. The Pilot Mentor on-boarding process is easy and requires less than one hour to complete. Start with our website  and go to the pilot application page. STEM Flights experiences change lives. Give more than a ride—become a Pilot Mentor.


  • “The flight a couple of weeks ago changed his motivation. This one event has helped a kid who has struggled for years with school.  He is finally taking an interest in his school work and trying!” - Parent
  • “She had always been interested in flying, but after the STEM Flight today she is fully invested in learning more. This really solidified the career path she was considering. Thank you!” - Parent
  • “I wanted to use my passion for flying to inspire careers, not just give a 10 minute ride in the pattern. STEM Flights is exactly what I was looking for.” - Pilot
  • “Volunteering with STEM Flights allows me to connect and motivate kids. Giving back feels so good and I know I am truly making a difference. - Pilot