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Created by NetJets

NetJets: A career destination for the best in the sky

NetJets, the worldwide leader in private aviation, is actively seeking talented aviators to join their global crew. In fact, the company expects to welcome nearly 900 pilots this year. 

If you or a pilot you know is looking for the pinnacle of aviation careers, then NetJets is your destination. From an unwavering commitment to crewmembers to a unique culture of safety, discover below the many reasons that NetJets is the final career stop of so many pilots.

Adaptable options for optimal work-life balance include the following:

  • Regardless of tenure, NetJets pilots choose where they call home from over 200 bases across the U.S.
  • NetJets pilots can change their schedule every few months, opting into a variety of flexible schedules, including the popular 7 days on/7 days off.
  • NetJets pays for their pilots’ commute and plans it into their schedules, so it does not overlap much-deserved time at home.

Unique-to-NetJets benefits include the following:

  • Beginning on day one, NetJets pilots can use all accrued hotel, credit card, and airline points on personal travel.
  • No two days are the same when you are flying to more than 5,000 airports across more than 200 countries and territories.
  • NetJets pilots fly the world’s most affluent and discerning travelers. This includes successful and powerful leaders in business, sports, and entertainment.

NetJets’ private jet fleet is the world’s largest and most diverse. Some highlights include the following:

  • More than 900 aircraft across five jet classes compose the NetJets fleet, which is greater than the next three largest business aviation operators’ fleets combined.
  • More than 100 jets will be delivered in 2023, the most aircraft NetJets has ever accepted in one year.
  • Almost half of the NetJets fleet is less than five years old, significantly younger than most other operators’ aircraft.

At NetJets, pilots are supported by dedicated teams and proven procedures and programs that facilitate safe, seamless flights. This includes the following:

  • NetJets is the only private aviation company to surpass Federal Aviation Administration requirements with an Advanced Qualification Program for ongoing, personalized pilot training.
  • NetJets’ industry-leading Fatigue Risk Management System uses a biomathematical model integrated into scheduling software to predict when crewmembers might be nearing lower alertness and get a fresh crew on duty.
  • Each NetJets aircraft receives proactive maintenance, restocking, and detailing every three to four days at one of more than 10 strategically located NetJets Maintenance Service Hubs.™

NetJets is known for their industry-leading scale, proven business model, and forward-thinking leadership. They are also a Berkshire Hathaway company. These are just a few reasons that the best in the sky choose NetJets as their final career stop. See what it takes to be a NetJets pilot.

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