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Hartzell Engine Tech expands its portfolio

Now includes Kelly Aero’s products

Hartzell Engine Tech recently acquired the assets of Kelly Aero LLC and plans to rebrand them as PowerUp Ignition Systems.

Kelly Aero’s product palette includes aircraft magnetos, replacement parts, and ignition harnesses. Photo courtesy of Hartzell Engine Tech.

Hartzell Aviation, probably best known for its propellers, along with its subsidiaries, was recently bought by the private equity firm Arcline Investment Management, which describes its mission as investing “in niche, technology driven businesses in high value industries such as defense, aerospace, industrial technology, life sciences, energy transition and specialty materials.” Hartzell Aviation is now one of its portfolio companies named Hartzell Engine Tech, headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama. With the integration of Kelly Aero’s aftermarket aircraft magnetos, replacement parts, and ignition harnesses into its palette, “Hartzell Engine Tech is excited to add manufacturing capabilities for aircraft ignition products to our existing lines of engineered, firewall forward, engine accessories,” said Hartzell Engine Tech President Keith Bagley.

The rebranding of Kelly Aero as PowerUp Ignition Systems, projected for early 2024 after technical evaluation and parts manufacturer approval, will make it the largest operation in Hartzell Engine Tech’s product portfolio. Production will be incorporated within the Montgomery production facility and will increase the company’s workforce by about 40 employees. Kelly Aero’s former facility will serve as an extension of Hartzell’s machine shop.

With this addition into a portfolio containing Janitrol Aero, Fuelcraft, Plane-Power, Sky-Tec, and AeroForce Turbocharger Systems, Hartzell Engine Tech is able to provide engine accessories and heating solutions for GA and the military.

Sylvia Schneider Horne
Digital Media Editor
Sylvia Schneider Horne is a digital media editor for AOPA's eMedia division.
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