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On the air

Action cameras record all that cool flying you do

Photography by Chris Rose
Zoomed image
Photography by Chris Rose

NFlightCam Propeller Filter

GoPro cameras make recording flights a breeze, but the cameras do have some shortcomings. One of those is propeller distortion caused by the camera’s digital sensor. NFlightCam created a neutral density filter (essentially sunglasses for the camera), which alleviates the distortion, creating a more normal looking image. The filters are sold in a two-pack—one filter for bright light, and another for standard light. A microfiber carrying bag protects the filters from scratches when not in use. Most GoPro models are supported, and a clip-on filter is available for smartphones. —CC (Image courtesy NFlightCam)

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360-degree cameras offer some spectacular views, and the Insta360 is no exception. The camera captures clear video and is easy to mount in various positions around the aircraft. Video recording can be started remotely from the app, so it’s easy to operate cameras from the cockpit. There’s a learning curve for editing on the phone and desktop apps, but once you get the hang of it you can create dynamic videos with sweeping pans and zooms that let you focus on exactly what you want to show. —Michelle Walker

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Tentacle Sync TRACK E

If you shoot with multiple GoPros in your airplane, the Tentacle Sync TRACK E Pocket Audio Recorder is a worthwhile addition to your kit. It allows you to automatically sync all your cameras with video editing software. The device pairs to your phone, and the Tentacle Timebar app generates a QR code. Install GoPro Labs firmware on your camera, hold the QR code in front of the camera, and the GoPro will sync to timecode using the QR code. —Josh Cochran

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GoPro Enduro rechargeable battery

A standard GoPro 1,220mAh lithium-ion rechargeable Hero 9/10/11 battery usually has enough juice to document departing the pattern at the home ‘drome and little else. It almost certainly won’t have enough life left to capture fun, new, and different airfields—even with judicious Wi-Fi remote on-off capability. Since you can’t climb outside to change it, instead install a new, white-capped 1,720mAh GoPro Enduro lithium-ion battery before you go. Expect about a 40-percent battery-life improvement to help you save the day. —David Tulis

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NFlightCam’s Strut Clamp Camera Mount

Strutted, high-wing aircraft provide a convenient mounting platform for pilots using action cameras to make images for personal enjoyment, to share the experience with others, or to hone technique. Strut mount clamps incorporate an attached ball head for the camera platform and generally fall into three basic designs: adjustable bands, rigid metal strapping, or hook-and-loop fasteners. NFlightCam’s Strut Clamp Camera Mount allows action cameras to be attached and removed with the pull of an industrial-strength rubber strap-and-buckle sourced from the ski industry. With a few turns of Allen hex bolts, the aluminum clamp jaws are adjustable in width, accommodating anything from a Piper J–3 to a Cessna 208 Caravan. The design is elegant, simple, and stable. (Pro tip: Zip-tie the excess strap, don’t cut it off.) —DT

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Pro Tip GoPro Remote

When you’re working with GoPros, battery life is a constant challenge with anything but short local flights. Fortunately, the GoPro app has improved over the years, and in my experience the newer GoPro models pair reliably to the app for turning exterior cameras on and off in flight. —Josh Cochran

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Dave Hirschman
Dave Hirschman
AOPA Pilot Editor at Large
AOPA Pilot Editor at Large Dave Hirschman joined AOPA in 2008. He has an airline transport pilot certificate and instrument and multiengine flight instructor certificates. Dave flies vintage, historical, and Experimental airplanes and specializes in tailwheel and aerobatic instruction.

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