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Embraer unveils new Phenom 100EX

Incorporating advancements in cabin controls, seat design, sustainable materials, new pilot-centric avionics, and more manageable interior space, Embraer debuted its new Phenom 100EX aircraft on October 16 at the 2023 National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

Embraer's new Phenom 100EX. Photo courtesy of Embraer.

The 100EX is the company’s latest evolution in the Phenom 100 entry-level jet series, which has served customers since 2008 with over 400 aircraft in operation.

“These detailed attributes throughout the cabin speak to the company's commitment to delivering enhanced comfort, unparalleled in-flight experiences and even more productivity capabilities, while increasing the ease of maintainability,” the company stated.

Embraer also announced its Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS), offering a first-in-its-class feature to provide guidance during one of the most critical moments of flight: building a clear picture of the anticipated landing conditions.

“The ROAAS product will create added safety in all aspects of flight for the aircraft upon landing,” said Michael Amalfitano, president and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets. “This will also include stabilized approach, predictive wind shear, 3D weather—additional key elements for the safety envelope.”

Pilots will find more legroom and pilot-centric avionics in the Phenom 100EX. Photo courtesy of Embraer.

The flight deck will feature increased pilot legroom provided by extended seat tracking, and an open-concept interior designed for easier communication between pilot and passengers. The aircraft will include enhanced pilot-centric avionics as part of the Prodigy Touch, based on the Garmin 3000. Other avionics improvements include FlightStream 510, and automatic 3D volumetric scanning with lightning and hail prediction.

The Phenom 100EX is certified by aviation authorities in Brazil, Europe, and the United States. Delivery positions are sold out in 2024 with the next available date for delivery in 2025.

Embraer also announced the availability of autothrottle for new Phenom 300Es, beginning in the third quarter of 2024. The autothrottle option will also be available to existing Phenom 300Es as a retrofit option in the following quarter.

Embraer's Phenom 100EX is the latest iteration of a light jet design that has been delivered more than 400 times since 2008. Photo courtesy of Embraer.
Alyssa J. Miller
Eric Blinderman
Senior Director of Communications
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