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Portfolio: Moose Peterson

It's a wild ride

Growing up in Southern California, photographer Moose Peterson said that aviation in the 1960s was “like a second language.”

 His father had flown the B–29 in World War II, his father-in-law had worked on the B–25, and his uncle was involved with the Apollo project. “We forget how much aviation there was in SoCal,” he said. That upbringing, as well as traveling to many remote places with his dad, fostered a love of both wild things and the history of our wild heritage. He became a wildlife photographer and along with his wife, Sharon, dedicated themselves to preserving and protecting wildlife. The couple lived in Mammoth Lakes, California, for 25 years while he honed his craft and they raised two sons. Later they moved to Missoula, Montana, near the Sapphire Mountains to enjoy “all the critters and the empty skies.” He turned his lens toward aviation in 2008 and said it became “pretty addictive.” His passion for aviation also became directed to honoring and preserving the heritage and freedoms it provides. He is a Nikon USA Ambassador, recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award, and has authored 29 books. 
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Monocoupe 110 Special flown by Warren Pietsch "Once the fastest plane on the planet, invented by a farm boy, I was very fortunate that Warren Pietsch introduced them to me. It got me hooked on antique aicraft." Stinson SR-9F Reliant over the Golden Gate Bridge. "A photo mission I will always treasure. The Stinson SR-9F piloted here by its owner Scott Woods with the Golden Gate in the background, two classics from the grand era of travel and adventure.” Jake and Moose Peterson.  "I specialize in photographing our wild heritage’s rare, sensitive, and endangered wildlife and wild places. We, my wife Sharon and I, have also dedicated ourselves to the telling of our aviation history and those who have preserved our freedoms. The goal of our work is to preserve our wild heritage.” Kodiak Brown Bear Great Gray Owl Black-capped Chickadee P-38 flown by Steve Hinson. "We owe all our vets a tribute and thanks for all they did, and do, and the freedoms we enjoy because of them. Lest we forget!” Betsy, a Waco QFC-2, flown by Bernie Vasquez. "The Waco QFC-2 quickly established itself as the biplane of the day, earning a grand reputation for its class and became affectionately known as simply the F-2.” Addison Pemberton flies this Boeing 40 after 18,000 hours of restoration. "The Boeing 40 first flew in 1925 (pictured is a 1928 model). The post office wanted aircraft to replace the Jenny to move mail across the country.” Waco 10. Peterson is famous for his self-proclaimed "arse shots". "It’s the time of year when storms seem to pile up one after another providing dramatic backdrops for static shots.”
Julie Walker
Julie Summers Walker
AOPA Senior Features Editor
AOPA Senior Features Editor Julie Summers Walker joined AOPA in 1998. She is a student pilot still working toward her solo.

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