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Showing their pride

Florida gets aviation license plate

A general aviation license plate will soon be available for purchase in Florida because of the passionate efforts of three aviators with support from the AOPA advocacy team.
From left, Richard Golightly, Dr. Ian Goldbaum, and Joseph Hurtuk. Photography by Eric Flaig.
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From left, Richard Golightly, Dr. Ian Goldbaum, and Joseph Hurtuk. Photography by Eric Flaig.

Florida pilots Joseph Hurtuk, Dr. Ian Goldbaum, and Richard Golightly bonded over their interest in aviation and giving back to the industry. They designed a Support General Aviation license plate to reflect the economic impact aviation has on the state, which is ranked third in the United States for the total number of pilots, aircraft, and airports.

Proceeds will help fund aviation education scholarships for Floridians managed through the Aerospace Center for Excellence in Lakeland, Florida.

The three pilots worked with AOPA Southern Regional Manager Stacey Heaton to collaborate with elected officials to promote the plate. Integral to legislative efforts were state Rep. Doug Bankson (R-District 39) and his office, and state Sen. Gayle Harrell (R-District 83) and her office. Thanks to ongoing collaboration, the plate has passed through the Florida legislature and was headed to the governor’s desk for signature.

“Thanks go to Representative Bankson and Senator Harrell,” said Heaton. “The representative’s own passion for aviation and the senator’s recognition of our members’ passion for aviation made this effort possible.”

Once signed, coordination with the state to get these plates to the public begins. Pre-sales for the plate are slated to begin October 1, and 3,000 sales are required before a single unit can be produced.

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Alyssa J. Miller
Eric Blinderman
Senior Director of Communications
Eric Blinderman is AOPA’s Senior Director of Communications. Eric joined AOPA in 2020 after several years at leading marketing/communications agencies in New York and is looking forward to putting his newly minted private pilot certificate to work.

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