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Sirius Aviation's hydrogen jet

Hydrogen-powered VTOL jet set for 2025

Switzerland-based company Sirius Aviation AG unveiled two designs of a hydrogen-powered VTOL jet—one intended for business purposes and one for commercial—and demonstrated its hydrogen-electric propulsion system.
Image curtesy of Sirius Aviation AG.
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Image curtesy of Sirius Aviation AG.

The aircraft’s propulsion system will be Sirius’ own design of a deflected vectored thrust system with 28 ducted fans—20 along the wings and eight mounted on the canard. Each fan is driven by its own electric motor. Sirius says this type of propulsion system reduces noise emissions to less than 60 dBA at 100 meters distance and reduces the cost of operation, since a full fuel tank refill of hydrogen would cost around $500.

The Sirius Businessf Jet design is set to carry up to three passengers with a range of 1,150 miles and a cruise speed of 323 mph, while the Millennium Jet is designed for commercial application with a range of 650 miles and a capacity of one pilot and five passengers. Both jets will have an altitude capacity of 30,000 feet and will be equipped with the Sirius Jet’s Emergency Parachute System.

“This marks a new chapter in sustainable aviation, and we are presenting a vehicle that will completely transform the aviation industry,” said Alexey Popov, CEO at Sirius Aviation AG. “We express the utmost gratitude to our partners and trailblazing team for their continued support on this historic journey.”

Both designs are projected to fly in 2025.

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Emma Quedzuweit
Assistant Editor
Assistant Editor Emma Quedzuweit, who joined the AOPA publications staff in 2022, is a private pilot and historical researcher.

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