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20 Versatile Hobbies to Try in 2021

Find a hobby to pursue in 2021

This past year was challenging, and at sometimes, mind-numbing. In 2021, give yourself something to look forward to, something that you can enjoy, and most importantly, do something for you. We rounded up a list of 20 hobbies you should try in 2021, no matter if you are embarking on them by yourself, with your kids, significant other, or virtually with friends.

Hobbies aren’t just fun things to do in your free time. They are important to allow yourself an outlet to explore, be creative, or challenge your mind in ways that you don’t get to with work, school, or at home.

Give yourself a hobby, or maybe even hobbies, to try in 2021 because you deserve it. Try with friends, family, your significant other, or by yourself. Regardless, we just encourage you to get up—and maybe out—and try.

  1. Flying: If you are ever drawing a blank when someone asks, “what is a fun fact about you?” then give flying a go. You’ll have the most fun fact moving forward. Just head to your local airport and check out the lessons they offer.
  2. Woodworking: Whether you’re crafty, analytical, or just like building things, woodworking is perfect for you. You won’t need much, depending on what you build. Tip: Try sourcing out local businesses that give away their scrap wood—it could save you a buck or two.
  3. Fishing: Ah, the joy of standing in silence and concentrating on what’s in front of you, your fishing pole.
  4. Hiking: You don’t have to be an expert or have the most gear to start hiking. Just start at your local park and build up from there. If you thoroughly enjoy nature, but haven’t found what works for you yet, hiking could be your Shtick.
  5. Model and Remote-Controlled Planes: If you are here for a challenge, are patient, and detail- oriented, try getting into building model airplanes.
  6. Blogging: 2020 pushed a lot of us to reflect on many things, and it showed a lot of us that we have some things to say. Share your thoughts in 2021 with your own blog. You can share it out or keep it to yourself; either way, it’s a fun practice to document your life.
  7. Jewelry making: If you’re into being stylish but aren’t quite up to learning to sew yet, we think jewelry making is for you. Tip: get an organizational box before you start to keep all your supplies organized and in one place.
  8. Pottery: I promise you don’t need a kiln to start. Just grab some clay at a local craft store and see what you can make.
  9. Knitting: Busybodies everywhere: we have found a hobby for you. You don’t need much to start knitting; it is great to keep your hands busy while your mind is occupied, the supplies can go with you everywhere, and it doesn’t take a considerable investment of your time or money to start.
  10. Puzzles: The good ole traditional puzzle making. Puzzles have stuck around for a reason. If you aren’t sure what to do with your creations when you have finished, look into getting your finished puzzles framed and hang them on your wall.
  11. Gardening: A hobby that might require a green thumb, or just a lot of research. Get a window box and start small or dredge up your yard and create an oasis of fruits and veggies. Either way, they pay off from this one is worth the time.
  12. Making beer and/or wine: This is a perfect hobby to take up with your partner or some friends. A plus is you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  13. Golfing: Golfing isn’t for everyone, but you should try it at least once. If you aren’t ready to make it to The Masters Tournament yet, start out with a local put-put course or driving range.
  14. Refurbish furniture: If you like to turn your hobbies into side hustles, or you want to start adding some unique pieces to your house, refurbishing furniture is for you. It allows you to make what you want and add a little spice to your home decor.
  15. Investing: Another great hobby to try out with your partner or immediate family. Don’t be intimidated, though. There are plenty of apps out there that make investing easy to do. Why not start a new financial journey in 2021?
  16. Book club: We are going to bring it back to the basics here for a second and recommend starting a book club (bonus points if you start a virtual book club). Find a few friends that like to read and/or enjoy the same genre as you and set up a schedule for meetings and discussions. It will help you stay connected to the ones you love, too.
  17. Learning a new language: If you are a person who loves to learn, then there is no time than now to begin learning another language.
  18. Learning to play an instrument: We don’t just mean a guitar. Try learning harmonica, or even the recorder. You don’t have to start large to learn something new.
  19. Stop motion animation: If you are a tech junky or your children or grandchildren love messing with technology, stop motion animation can be a thought-provoking and challenging hobby for you to try out.
  20. Zumba: Get moving and shaking. You will leave your Zumba class feeling giddy and looking radiant. It is exercise disguised in dance and patterns. We highly recommend it.

There are endless opportunities for journeys to embark on in 2021. You don’t have to find the thing you enjoy the most or fall in love with one hobby, but you owe it to yourself to let your mind and body explore new opportunities and challenges.

We look forward to seeing the hobbies you start in 2021!

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