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Happy Father's Day

Dear Old Dad

I think we can all agree that Dad’s are hard to shop for! How many of us have thought about the perfect Father’s Day gift just to end up buying another tie or mug engraved with “World’s Best Dad”? This year it’s time to up the gift game and AOPA has you covered. Here are some of our top picks for great Father’s Day gifts your Dad is sure to love. 

Quality Time. Okay this one isn’t a physical gift, but experiences and memories can’t be bought. If your Dad is the sentimental type, why not spend some quality time together. Catch a game, grab some dinner, or take him to the new showing of Top Gun: Maverick. Quality time is probably the best gift you can give your dad this year.

Tickets to the Show—the airshow that is… If you’re feeling extra generous, plan a trip to Oshkosh with your dad for the world’s greatest aviation celebration! Immersed with everything aviation, your dad is bound to have a good time at AirVenture. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by AOPA’s tent and see all the exciting seminars and events we have planned for the week.

New Wardrobe: As much as we love our dad’s, sometimes they need help in the fashion department. Lend your dad a helping hand and gift him a stylish shirt that’s bound to make him best dressed on the ramp. AOPA’s Takeoff and Landing Tee is a great option!

Lifestyle Accessories: As pilots, we love all things aviation. If your dad’s a self-proclaimed avgeek, he is sure to love anything depicted with a wings logo. AOPA has some awesome aviation designs on our lifestyle accessories including our packing cubes, tumblers, and dry bag. 

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