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National Weather Service ContractionsNational Weather Service Contractions

Contraction Meaning
ABNDT Abundant
ABNML Abnormal
ABT About
ABV Above
AC Convective Outlook
ACCAS Altocumulus Castellanus
ACCUM Accumulate
ACFT Aircraft
ACLT Accelerate
ACLTD Accelerated
ACLTG Accelerating
ACLTS Accelerates
ACPY Accompany
ACRS Across
ACSL Altocumulus Standing Lenticularus
ACTV Active
ACTVTY Activity
ACYC Anticyclone
ADJ Adjacent
ADL Additional
ADQT Adequate
ADQTLY Adequately
ADRNDCK Adirondack
ADVCT Advect
ADVCTD Advected
ADVCTG Advecting
ADVCTN Advection
ADVCTS Advects
ADVN Advance
ADVNG Advancing
ADVY Advisory
ADVYS Advisories
AFCT Affect
AFCTD Affected
AFCTG Affecting
AFDK After dark
AFOS Automated Field Operations System
AFT After
AFTN Afternoon
AGL Above ground level
AGN Again
AGRD Agreed
AGRS Agrees
AGRMT Agreement
AHD Ahead
AK Alaska
AL Alabama
ALF Aloft
ALG Along
ALGHNY Allegheny
ALQDS All quadrants
ALSTG Altimeter setting
ALTA Alberta
ALTHO Although
ALTM Altimeter
ALUTN Aleutian
AMD Amend
AMDD Amended
AMDG Amending
AMDT Amendment
AMP Amplify
AMPG Amplifying
AMPLTD Amplitude
AMS Air mass
AMT Amount
ANLYS Analysis
ANS Answer
AOA At or above
AOB At or below
AP Anomolous Propagation
APCH Approach
APCHG Approaching
APCHS Approaches
APLCN Appalachian
APLCNS Appalachians
APPR Appear
APPRG Appearing
APPRS Appears
APRNT Apparent
APRNTLY Apparently
APRX Approximate
APRXLY Approximately
AR Arkansas
ARND Around
ARPT Airport
ASAP As soon as possible
ASL Above Sea Level
ASMD As amended
ASSOCD Associated
ASSOCN Association
ATLC Atlantic
ATTM At this time
ATTN Attention
AVBL Available
AVG Average
AVN Aviation Model
AWT Awaiting
AZ Arizona
AZM Azimuth
BACLIN Baroclinic
BAJA Baja California
BATROP Barotropic
BC Patches (METAR code)
BC British Columbia
BCH Beach
BCKG Backing
BCM Become
BCMG Becoming
BCMS Becomes
BD Blowing dust
BDA Bermuda
BDRY Boundary
BFDK Before dark
BFR Before
BGN Begin
BGNG Beginning
BGNS Begins
BHND Behind
BINOVC Breaks in overcast
BKN Broken
BL Blowing (METAR code)
BLD Build
BLDG Building
BLDS Builds
BLDUP Buildup
BLKHLS Black Hills
BLKT Blanket
BLKTG Blanketing
BLKTS Blankets
BLO Below
BLZD Blizzard
BN Blowing sand
BND Bound
BNDRY Boundary
BNDRYS Boundaries
BNTH Beneath
BR Mist (>= 5/8 SM) (METAR code)
BR Branch
BRG Branching
BRS Branches
BRF Brief
BRK Break
BRKG Breaking
BRKHIC Breaks in higher clouds
BRKS Breaks
BRKSHR Berkshire
BRKSHRS Berkshires
BRM Barometer
BS Blowing snow
BTWN Between
BYD Beyond
C Celsius
CA California
CAA Cold Air Advection
CARIB Caribbean
CASCDS Cascades
CAVOK Ceiling and visibility OK
CAVU Ceiling and visibility unlimited
CB Cumulonimbus
CBS Cumulonimbi
CC Cirrocumulus
CCLDS Clear of clouds
CCLKWS Counter-clockwise
CCSL Standing lenticular cirrocumulus
CDFNT Cold front
CDFNTL Cold frontal
CFP Cold front passage
CG Cloud-to-ground
CHC Chance
CHCS Chances
CHG Change
CHGD Changed
CHGG Changing
CHGS Changes
CHSPK Chesepeake
CI Cirrus
CIG Ceiling
CIGS Ceilings
CLD Cloud
CLDNS Cloudiness
CLDS Clouds
CLKWS Clockwise
CLR Clear
CLRG Clearing
CLRS Clears
CMPLX Complex
CNCL Cancel
CNCLD Cancelled
CNCLG Cancelling
CNCLS Cancels
CNDN Canadian
CNTR Center
CNTRD Centered
CNTRLN Centerline
CNTRS Centers
CNTRL Central
CNTY County
CNTYS Counties
CNVG Converge
CNVGG Converging
CNVGNC Convergence
CNVTN Convection
CNVTV Convective
CNVTVLY Convectively
CNFDC Confidence
CO Colorado
COMPAR Compare
COMPARG Comparing
COMPARD Compared
COMPARS Compares
COND Conditions
CONT Continue
CONTD Continued
CONTLY Continually
CONTG Continuing
CONTRAILS Condensation Trails
CONTS Continues
CONTDVD Continental Divide
CONUS Continental U.S.
COORD Coordinate
COR Correction
CPBL Capable
CRC Circle
CRCLC Circulate
CRCLN Circulation
CRNR Corner
CRNRS Corners
CRS Course
CS Cirrostratus
CSDR Consider
CSDRBL Considerable
CST Coast
CSTL Coastal
CT Connecticut
CTGY Category
CTSKLS Catskills
CU Cumulus
CUFRA Cumulus Fractus
CVR Cover
CVRD Covered
CVRG Covering
CVRS Covers
CYC Cyclonic
CYCLGN Cyclogenesis
DABRK Daybreak
DALGT Day light
DBL Double
DC District of Columbia
DCR Decrease
DCRD Decreased
DCRG Decreasing
DCRGLY Decreasingly
DCRS Decreases
DE Delaware
DEG Degree
DEGS Degrees
DELMARVA Delaware-Maryland-Virginia
DFCLT Difficult
DFCLTY Difficulty
DFNT Definite
DFNTLY Definitely
DFRS Differs
DFUS Diffuse
DGNL Diagonal
DGNLLY Diagonally
DIGG Digging
DIR Direction
DISC Discontinue
DISCD Discontinued
DISCG Discontinuing
DISRE Disregard
DISRED Disregarded
DISREG Disregarding
DKTS Dakotas
DLA Delay
DLAD Delayed
DLT Delete
DLTD Deleted
DLTG Deleting
DLY Daily
DMG Damage
DMGD Damaged
DMGG Damaging
DMNT Dominant
DMSH Diminish
DMSHD Diminished
DMSHG Diminishing
DMSHS Diminishes
DNDFTS Downdrafts
DNS Dense
DNSLP Downslope
DNSTRM Downstream
DNWND Down wind
DP Deep
DPND Deepened
DPNS Deepens
DPR Deeper
DPNG Deepening
DPTH Depth
DR Drifting (METAR code)
DRFT Drift
DRFTD Drifted
DRFTG Drifting
DRFTS Drifts
DRZL Drizzle
DS Duststorm (METAR code)
DSCNT Descent
DSIPT Dissipate
DSIPTD Dissipated
DSIPTG Dissipating
DSIPTN Dissipation
DSIPTS Dissipates
DSND Descend
DSNDG Descending
DSNDS Descends
DSNT Distant
DSTBLZ Destabilize
DSTBLZD Destabilized
DSTBLZG Destablizing
DSTBLZS Destablizes
DSTBLZN Destablization
DSTC Distance
DTRT Deteriorate
DTRTD Deteriorated
DTRTG Deteriorating
DTRTS Deteriorates
DU Widespread dust (METAR code)
DURG During
DURN Duration
DVLP Develop
DVLPD Developed
DVLPG Developing
DVLPMT Development
DVLPS Develops
DVRG Diverge
DVRGG Diverging
DVRGNC Divergence
DVRGS Diverges
DVV Downward vertical velocity
DWNDFTS Downdrafts
DWPNT Dewpoint
DWPNTS Dewpoints
DX Duplex
DZ Drizzle (METAR code)
E East
EBND East bound
EFCT Effect
ELNGT Elongate
ELNGTD Elongated
ELSW Elsewhere
EMBDD Embedded
EMERG Emergency
ENCTR Encounter
ENDG Ending
ENE East-northeast
ENELY East-northeasterly
ENERN East-northeastern
ENEWD East-northeastward
ENHNC Enhance
ENHNCD Enhanced
ENHNCG Enhancing
ENHNCS Enhances
ENHNCMNT Enhancement
ENTR Entire
ERN Eastern
ERY Early
ERYR Earlier
ESE East-southeast
ESELY East-southeasterly
ESERN East-southeastern
ESEWD East-southeastward
ESNTL Essential
ESTAB Establish
ESTS Estimates
ETA Eta model
ETC Et cetera
ETIM Elapsed time
EVE Evening
EWD Eastward
EXCLV Exclusive
EXCLVLY Exclusively
EXCP Except
EXPC Expect
EXPCD Expected
EXPCG Expecting
EXTD Extend
EXTDD Extended
EXTDG Extending
EXTDS Extends
EXTN Extension
EXTRAP Extrapolate
EXTRAPD Extrapolated
EXTRM Extreme
EXTRMLY Extremely
EXTSV Extensive
F Farenheit
FA Aviation area forecast
FAH Farenheit
FAM Familiar
FC Funnel cloud (METAR code)
+FC Tornado/waterspout (METAR code)
FCST Forecast
FCSTD Forecasted
FCSTG Forecasting
FCSTR Forecaster
FCSTS Forecasts
FG Fog (< 5/8SM) (METAR code)
FIG Figure
FILG Filling
FIRAV First available
FL Florida
FLG Falling
FLRY Flurry
FLRYS Flurries
FLT Flight
FLW Follow
FLWG Following
FM From
FMT Format
FNCTN Function
FNT Front
FNTL Frontal
FNTS Fronts
FNTGNS Frontogenesis
FNTLYS Frontolysis
FORNN Forenoon
FPM Feet per minute
FQT Frequent
FQTLY Frequently
FRM Form
FRMG Forming
FRMN Formation
FROPA Frontal passage
FROSFC Frontal surface
FRST Frost
FRWF Forecast wind factor
FRZ Freeze
FRZN Frozen
FRZG Freezing
FT Feet
FT Terminal forecast
FTHR Further
FU Smoke (METAR code)
FVRBL Favorable
FWD Forward
FYI For your information
FZ Freezing (METAR code)
G Gust
GA Georgia
GEN General
GENLY Generally
GEO Geographic
GEOREF Geographical reference
GF Ground fog
GICG Glaze icing
GLFALSK Gulf of Alaska
GLFCAL Gulf of California
GLFMEX Gulf of Mexico
GLFSTLAWR Gulf of St. Lawrence
GND Ground
GNDFG Ground fog
GR Hail (METAR code)
GRAD Gradient
GRDL Gradual
GRDLY Gradually
GRT Great
GRTLY Greatly
GRTR Greater
GRTST Greatest
GRTLKS Great Lakes
GS Small hail/snow pellets (METAR code)
GSTS Gusts
GSTY Gusty
GV Ground visibility
HAZ Hazard
HCVIS High clouds visible
HDFRZ Hard freeze
HDSVLY Hudson Valley
HDWND Head wind
HGT Height
HI High
HIER Higher
HIFOR High level forecast
HLF Half
HLTP Hilltop
HLSTO Hailstones
HLYR Haze layer aloft
HND Hundred
HR Hour
HRS Hours
HRZN Horizon
HTG Heating
HURCN Hurricane
HUREP Hurricane report
HV Have
HVY Heavy
HVYR Heavier
HVYST Heaviest
HWVR However
HWY Highway
HZ Haze (METAR code)
IA Iowa
IC Ice crystals (METAR code)
IC Ice
ICG Icing
ICGIC Icing in clouds
ICGIP Icing in precipitation
ID Idaho
IL Illinois
IMDT Immediate
IMDTLY Immediately
IMPL Impulse
IMPLS Impulses
IMPT Important
INCL Include
INCLD Included
INCLG Including
INCLS Includes
INCR Increase
INCRD Increased
INCRG Increasing
INCRGLY Increasingly
INCRS Increases
INDC Indicate
INDCD Indicated
INDCG Indicating
INDCS Indicates
INDEF Indefinite
INFO Information
INLD Inland
INSTBY Instability
INTCNTL Intercontinental
INTL International
INTMD Intermediate
INTMT Intermittent
INTMTLY Intermittently
INTR Interior
INTRMTRGN Intermountain region
INTS Intense
INTSFCN Intensification
INTSFY Intensify
INTSFYD Intensified
INTSFYG Intensifying
INTSFYS Intensifies
INTSTY Intensity
INTVL Interval
INVRN Inversion
IOVC In overcast
INVOF In vicinity of
IP Ice pellets
IPV Improve
IPVG Improving
IR Infrared
ISOL Isolate
ISOLD Isolated
JCTN Junction
JTSTR Jet stream
KFRST Killing frost
KLYR Smoke layer aloft
KOCTY Smoke over city
KS Kansas
KT Knots
KY Kentucky
LA Louisiana
LABRDR Labrador
LAT Latitude
LCL Local
LCLY Locally
LCTD Located
LCTN Location
LCTMP Little change in temperature
LFM Limited Fine Mesh Model
LFTG Lifting
LGRNG Long range
LGT Light
LGTR Lighter
LGWV Long wave
LI Lifted Index
LIS Lifted indices
LK Lake
LKS Lakes
LKLY Likely
LLJ Low Level Jet
LLWS Low Level Wind Shear
LLWAS Low level wind shear alert system
LMTD Limited
LMTG Limiting
LMTS Limits
LN Line
LN Lines
LO Low
LONG Longitude
LONGL Longitudnal
LRG Large
LRGLY Largely
LRGR Larger
LRGST Largest
LST Local standard time
LTD Limited
LTG Lightning
LTGCC Lightning cloud-to-cloud
LTGCG Lightning cloud-to-ground
LTGCCCG Lightning cloud-to-cloud cloud-to-ground
LTGCW Lightning cloud-to-water
LTGIC Lightning in cloud
LTL Little
LTLCG Little change
LTR Later
LTST Latest
LV Leaving
LVL Level
LVLS Levels
LWR Lower
LWRD Lowered
LWRG Lowering
LYR Layer
LYRD Layered
LYRS Layers
MA Massachusetts
MAN Manitoba
MAX Maximum
MB Millibars
MCD Mesoscale discussion
MD Maryland
MDFY Modify
MDFYD Modified
MDFYG Modifying
MDL Model
MDLS Models
MDT Moderate
MDTLY Moderately
ME Maine
MED Medium
MEGG Merging
MESO Mesoscale
MET Meteorological
METRO Metropolitan
MEX Mexico
MHKVLY Mohawk Valley
MI Shallow (METAR code)
MI Michigan
MID Middle
MIDN Midnight
MIL Military
MIN Minimum
MISG Missing
MLTLVL Melting level
MN Minnesota
MNLND Mainland
MNLY Mainly
MO Missouri
MOGR Moderate or greater
MOV Move
MOVD Moved
MOVG Moving
MOVMT Movement
MOVS Moves
MPH Miles per hour
MRGL Marginal
MRGLLY Marginally
MRNG Morning
MRTM Maritime
MS Mississippi
MSG Message
MSL Mean sea level
MST Most
MSTLY Mostly
MSTR Moisture
MT Montana
MTN Mountain
MTNS Mountains
MULT Multiple
MULTILVL Multi-level
MXD Mixed
N North
NAB Not above
NAT North Atlantic
NATL National
NAV Navigation
NB New Brunswick
NBND Northbound
NBRHD Neighborhood
NC North Carolina
NCWX No change in weather
ND North Dakota
NE Northeast
NEB Nebraska
NEC Necessary
NEG Negative
NEGLY Negatively
NELY Northeasterly
NERN Northeastern
NEWD Northeastward
NEW ENG New England
NFLD Newfoundland
NGM Nested Grid Model
NGT Night
NH New Hampshire
NIL None
NJ New Jersey
NL No layers
NLT Not later than
NLY Northerly
NM New Mexico
NMBR Number
NMBRS Numbers
NMC National Meteorological Center
NML Normal
NMRS Numerous
NNE North-northeast
NNELY North-northeasterly
NNERN North-northeastern
NNEWD North-northeastward
NNW North-northwest
NNWLY North-northwesterly
NNWRN North-northwestern
NNWWD North-northwestward
NNNN End of message
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOPAC Northern Pacific
NPRS Nonpersistent
NR Near
NRLY Nearly
NRN Northern
NRW Narrow
NS Nova Scotia
NTFY Notify
NTFYD Notified
NV Nevada
NVA Negative vorticity advection
NW Northwest
NWD Northward
NWLY Northwesterly
NWRN Northwestern
NWS National Weather Service
NY New York
NXT Next
OAT Outside Air Temperature
OBND Outbound
OBS Observation
OBSC Obscure
OBSCD Obscured
OBSCG Obscuring
OCFNT Occluded front
OCLD Occlude
OCLDS Occludes
OCLDD Occluded
OCLDG Occluding
OCLN Occlusion
OCNL Occasional
OCNLY Occasionally
OCR Occur
OCRD Occurred
OCRG Occurring
OCRS Occurs
OFC Office
OFP Occluded frontal passage
OFSHR Offshore
OH Ohio
OK Oklahoma
OMTNS Over mountains
ONSHR On shore
OR Oregon
ORGPHC Orographic
ORIG Original
OSV Ocean station vessel
OTLK Outlook
OTP On top
OTR Other
OTRW Otherwise
OUTFLO Outflow
OVC Overcast
OVNGT Overnight
OVR Over
OVRN Overrun
OVRNG Overrunning
OVTK Overtake
OVTKG Overtaking
OVTKS Overtakes
PA Pennsylvania
PAC Pacific
PBL Planetary boundary layer
PCPN Precipitation
PD Period
PDS Periods
PDMT Predominant
PEN Peninsula
PERM Permanent
PGTSND Puget Sound
PHYS Physical
PIBAL Pilot balloon observation
PIBALS Pilot balloon reports
PIREP Pilot weather report
PIREPS Pilot weather reports
PL Ice pellets (METAR code)
PLNS Plains
PLS Please
PLTO Plateau
PM Post meridian
PNHDL Panhandle
PO Well developed dust/sand whirls (METAR code)
POS Positive
POSLY Positively
PPINE PPI no echoes
PPSN Present position
PR Partial (METAR code)
PRBL Probable
PRBLY Probably
PRBLTY Probability
PRECD Precede
PRECDD Preceded
PRECDG Preceding
PRECDS Precedes
PRES Pressure
PRESFR Pressure falling rapidly
PRESRR Pressure rising rapidly
PRIM Primary
PRIN Principal
PRIND Present indications are
PRJMP Pressure jump
PROC Procedure
PROD Produce
PRODG Producing
PROG Forecast
PROGD Forecasted
PROGS Forecasts
PRSNT Present
PRSNTLY Presently
PRST Persist
PRSTS Persists
PRSTNC Persistence
PRSTNT Persistent
PRVD Provide
PRVDD Provided
PRVDG Providing
PRVDS Provides
PS Plus
PSBL Possible
PSBLY Possibly
PSBLTY Possiblity
PSG Passage
PSN Position
PSND Positioned
PTCHY Patchy
PTLY Partly
PTNL Potential
PTNLY Potentially
PTNS Portions
PUGET Puget Sound
PVA Positive vorticity advection
PVL Prevail
PVLD Prevailed
PVLG Prevailing
PVLS Prevails
PVLT Prevalent
PWR Power
PY Spray (METAR code)
QN Question
QPFERD NMC excessive rainfall discussion
QPFHSD NMC heavy snow discussion
QPFSPD NMC special precipitation discussion
QSTNRY Quasistationary
QUAD Quadrant
QUE Quebec
R Rain
RA Rain (METAR code)
RADAT Radiosonde observation data
RAOB Radiosonde observation
RAOBS Radiosonde observations
RCH Reach
RCHD Reached
RCHG Reaching
RCHS Reaches
RCKY Rocky
RCKYS Rockies
RCMD Recommend
RCMDD Recommended
RCMDG Recommending
RCMDS Recommends
RCRD Record
RCRDS Records
RCV Receive
RCVD Received
RCVG Receiving
RCVS Receives
RDC Reduce
RDGG Ridging
RDR Radar
RDVLP Redevelop
RDVLPG Redeveloping
RDVLPMT Redevelopment
RE Regard
RECON Reconnaissance
REF Reference
RES Reserve
RGL Regional Model
RGT Right
RHINO RHI not operative
RI Rhode Island
RLBL Reliable
REPL Replace
REPLD Replaced
REPLG Replacing
REPLS Replaces
REQ Request
REQS Requests
REQSTD Requested
RESP Response
RESTR Restrict
RGD Ragged
RGLR Regular
RGN Region
RGNS Regions
RH Relative Humidity
RIOGD Rio Grande
RLTV Relative
RLTVLY Relativily
RMN Remain
RMND Remained
RMNDR Remainder
RMNG Remaining
RMNS Remains
RNFL Rainfall
ROT Rotate
ROTD Rotated
ROTG Rotating
ROTS Rotates
RPD Rapid
RPDLY Rapidly
RPLC Replace
RPLCD Replaced
RPLCG Replacing
RPLCS Replaces
RPRT Report
RPRTD Reported
RPRTG Reporting
RPRTS Reports
RPT Repeat
RPTG Repeating
RPTS Repeats
RQR Require
RQRD Required
RQRG Requiring
RQRS Requires
RS Receiver station
RSG Rising
RSN Reason
RSNG Reasoning
RSNS Reasons
RSTR Restrict
RSTRD Restricted
RSTRG Restricting
RSTRS Restricts
RTRN Return
RTRND Returned
RTRNG Returning
RTRNS Returns
RUF Rough
RUFLY Roughly
RVS Revise
RVSD Revised
RVSG Revising
RVSS Revises
RW Rain shower
S South
SA Sand (METAR code)
SA Surface observation
SAO Surface observation
SAOS Surface observations
SASK Saskatchewan
SATFY Satisfactory
SBND South bound
SBSD Subside
SBSDD Subsided
SBSDNC Subsidence
SBSDS Subsides
SC South Carolina
SCND Second
SCNDRY Secondary
SCSL Standing lenticular stratocumulus
SCT Scatter
SCTD Scattered
SCTR Sector
SD South Dakota
SE Southeast
SEC Second
SELS Severe Local Storms Unit
SELY Southeasterly
SEPN Separation
SEQ Sequence
SERN Southeastern
SEWD Southeastward
SFC Surface
SFERICS Atmospherics
SG Snow grains
SGFNT Significant
SGFNTLY Significantly
SH Showers (METAR code)
SHFT Shift
SHFTD Shifted
SHFTG Shifting
SHFTS Shifts
SHLD Shield
SHLW Shallow
SHRT Short
SHRTLY Shortly
SHRTWV Shortwave
SHRTWVS Shortwaves
SHUD Should
SHWR Shower
SHWRS Showers
SIERNEV Sierra Nevada
SIG Signature
SIGMET Significant meteorological information
SIMUL Simultaneous
SKC Sky clear
SKED Schedule
SLD Solid
SLGT Slight
SLGTLY Slightly
SLO Slow
SLOLY Slowly
SLOR Slower
SLP Slope
SLPG Sloping
SLT Sleet
SLY Southerly
SM Statute mile
SMK Smoke
SML Small
SMLR Smaller
SMRY Summary
SMS Synchronus meteorological satellite
SMTH Smooth
SMTHR Smoother
SMTHST Smoothest
SMTM Sometime
SMWHT Somewhat
SN Snow (METAR code)
SNBNK Snow bank
SND Sand
SNFLK Snow flake
SNGL Single
SNOINCR Snow increase
SNOINCRG Snow increasing
SNST Sunset
SNW Snow
SNWFL Snowfall
SOP Standard operating procedure
SP Snow pellets
SPCLY Especially
SPD Speed
SPDS Speeds
SPENES Satellite precipitation estimate statement
SPKL Sprinkle
SPKLS Sprinkles
SPLNS Southern Plains
SPRD Spread
SPRDG Spreading
SPRDS Spreads
SPRL Spiral
SQ Squall (METAR code)
SQAL Squall
SQLN Squall line
SR Sunrise
SRN Southern
SRND Surround
SRNDD Surrounded
SRNDS Surrounds
SS Sandstorm (METAR code)
SS Sunset
SSE South-southeast
SSELY South-southeasterly
SSERN South-southeastern
SSEWD South-southeastward
SSW South-southwest
SSWLY South-southwesterly
SSWRN South-southwestern
SSWWD South-southwestward
ST Stratus
STAGN Stagnation
STBL Stable
STBLTY Stability
STD Standard
STDY Steady
STFR Stratus fractus
STFRM Stratiform
STG Strong
STGLY Strongly
STGR Stronger
STGST Strongest
STLT Satellite
STM Storm
STMS Storms
STN Station
STNS Stations
STNRY Stationary
SUB Substitute
SUBTRPCL Subtropical
SUF Sufficient
SUFLY Sufficiently
SUG Suggest
SUGG Suggesting
SUGS Suggests
SUP Supply
SUPG Supplying
SUPR Superior
SUPS Supplies
SUPSD Supersede
SUPSDG Superseding
SUPSDS Supersedes
SVG Serving
SVR Severe
SVRL Several
SW Southwest
SWD Southward
SWWD Southwestward
SW- Light snow shower
SW+ Heavy snow shower
SWLG Swelling
SWLY Southwesterly
SWOMCD SELS Mesoscale Discussion
SWRN Southwestern
SX Stability index
SXN Section
SXNS Sections
SYNOP Synoptic
SYNS Synopsis
SYS System
T Thunder
TCNTL Transcontinental
TCU Towering cumulus
TDA Today
TEMP Temperature
THD Thunderhead
THDR Thunder
THK Thick
THKNG Thickening
THKNS Thickness
THKR Thicker
THKST Thickest
THN Thin
THNG Thinning
THNR Thinner
THNST Thinnest
THR Threshold
THRFTR Thereafter
THRU Through
THRUT Throughout
THSD Thousand
THTN Threaten
THTND Threatened
THTNG Threatening
THTNS Threatens
TIL Until
TMPRY Temporary
TMPRYLY Temporarilly
TMW Tomorrow
TN Tennessee
TNDCY Tendency
TNDCYS Tendencies
TNGT Tonight
TNTV Tentative
TNTVLY Tentatively
TOVC Top of overcast
TPG Topping
TRBL Trouble
TRIB Tributary
TRKG Tracking
TRML Terminal
TRMT Terminate
TRMTD Terminated
TRMTG Terminating
TRMTS Terminates
TRNSP Transport
TRNSPG Transporting
TROF Trough
TROFS Troughs
TROP Tropopause
TRPCD Tropical continental
TRPCL Tropical
TRRN Terrain
TRSN Transition
TRW Thunderstorm
TRW+ Thunderstorm with heavy rain shower
TS Thunderstorm (METAR code)
TS Thunderstorm with snow
TS+ Thunderstorm with heavy snow
TSFR Transfer
TSFRD Transfered
TSFRG Transfering
TSFRS Transfers
TSHWR Thundershower
TSHWRS Thundershowers
TSNT Transient
TSQLS Thundersqualls
TSTM Thunderstorm
TSTMS Thunderstorms
TSW Thunderstorm with snow showers
TSW+ Thunderstorm with heavy snow showers
TURBC Turbulence
TURBT Turbulent
TWD Toward
TWDS Towards
TWI Twilight
TWRG Towering
TX Texas
UDDF Up and down drafts
UN Unable
UNAVBL Unavailable
UNEC Unnecessary
UNKN Unknown
UNL Unlimited
UNRELBL Unreliable
UNRSTD Unrestricted
UNSATFY Unsatisfactory
UNSBL Unseasonable
UNSTBL Unstable
UNSTDY Unsteady
UNSTL Unsettle
UNSTLD Unsettled
UNUSBL Unusable
UP Unknown precipitation in automated observations (METAR code)
UPDFTS Updrafts
UPR Upper
UPSLP Upslope
UPSTRM Upstream
URG Urgent
USBL Usable
UT Utah
UVV Upward vertical velocity
UVVS Upward vertical velocities
UWNDS Upper winds
VA Volcanic ash (METAR code)
VA Virginia
VARN Variation
VC Vicinity (METAR code)
VCNTY Vicinity
VCOT VFR conditions on top
VCTR Vector
VCTS Thunderstorms in the Vicinity
VDUC VAS Data Utilization Center (NSSFC)
VFY Verify
VFYD Verified
VFYG Verifying
VFYS Verifies
VLCTY Velocity
VLCTYS Velocities
VLNT Violent
VLNTLY Violently
VLY Valley
VLYS Valleys
VMC Visual meteorological conditions
VOL Volume
VORT Vorticity
VR Veer
VRG Veering
VRBL Variable
VRISL Vancouver Island, BC
VRS Veers
VRT MOTN Vertical Motion
VRY Very
VSB Visible
VSBY Visibility
VSBYDR Visibility decreasing rapidly
VSBYIR Visibility increasing rapidly
VT Vermont
VV Vertical velocity
W West
WA Washington
WAA Warm Air Advection
WBND West bound
WDLY Widely
WDSPRD Widespread
WEA Weather
WFO Weather Forecast Office
WFOS Weather Forecast Offices
WFP Warm front passage
WI Wisconsin
WIBIS Will be issued
WINT Winter
WK Weak
WKDAY Weekday
WKEND Weekend
WKNG Weakening
WKNS Weakens
WKR Weaker
WKST Weakest
WKN Weaken
WL Will
WLY Westerly
WND Wind
WNDS Winds
WNW West-northwest
WNWLY West-northwesterly
WNWRN West-northwestern
WNWWD West-northwestward
WO Without
WPLTO Western Plateau
WRM Warm
WRMG Warming
WRN Western
WRMR Warmer
WRMST Warmest
WRMFNT Warm front
WRMFNTL Warm Frontal
WRNG Warning
WRNGS Warnings
WRS Worse
WSHFT Wind shift
WSHFTS Wind Shifts
WSFO Weather Service Forecast Office
WSFOS Weather Service Forecast Offices
WSO Weather Service Office
WSOS Weather Service Offices
WSTCH Wasatch Range
WSW West-southwest
WSWLY West-southwesterly
WSWRN West-southwestern
WSWWD West-southwestward
WTR Water
WTRS Waters
WTSPT Waterspout
WTSPTS Waterspouts
WUD Would
WV West Virginia
WVS Waves
WW Severe Weather Watch
WWAMKC Status Report
WWD Westward
WWS Severe Weather Watches
WX Weather
WY Wyoming
XCP Except
XPC Expect
XPCD Expected
XPCG Expecting
XPCS Expects
XPLOS Explosive
XTND Extend
XTNDD Extended
XTNDG Extending
XTRM Extreme
XTRMLY Extremely
YDA Yesterday
YKN Yukon
YLSTN Yellowstone
ZL Freezing drizzle
ZN Zone
ZNS Zones
ZR Freezing rain