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VOL. 8-ISSUE 4-2/20/2018
Valentine’s Day aviation art becomes teaching tool
There’s no end to innovation in flight training, and here comes flight instructor Pete Aarsvold with the latest proof: He uses CloudAhoy software to draw recognizable shapes in the sky. What’s more, he records each flight that he makes with students and sends them the track links so that they can share their experiences with others. READ MORE ›
Piper wins record order for 152 training aircraft
Piper Aircraft Inc. announced firm orders for 152 training aircraft during the Singapore Airshow Feb. 7. The transaction tops any training order in the company’s history. A Chinese flight school placed the multi-year order. Deliveries are set to begin in March. READ MORE ›
Canada airports report avgas shortage
AOPA has confirmed reports of 100LL aviation fuel being unavailable at a number of airports in Canada in connection with a quality-control problem affecting fuel from the only refinery in the country that produces the fuel used by most general aviation aircraft. READ MORE ›
Frasca celebrates 60 years of flight simulation
Frasca International turns 60 in 2018, and the company said it plans to celebrate with events throughout the year. Founded in 1958 as Frasca Aviation, the company began building general aviation trainers for smaller flight schools and colleges with aviation programs. More college aviation programs use Frasca simulators than any other brand, the company said. Most recently, Frasca delivered its first Level 7 Helicopter Flight Training Device and said it is launching a new lower-priced helicopter training device.
FAA delays AD on PA-28 fuel selector cover placards
The FAA has delayed from Feb. 7 until March 9 the effective date for an airworthiness directive that would have required inspections of 17,957 Piper PA-28 series aircraft to verify that the left and right fuel tank selector cover placards are positioned properly. READ MORE ›
AOPA opens registration for 2018 fly-ins
Looking for a fun fly-out destination for your flight school? You can get started planning adventures now to one of AOPA’s four regional fly-ins, taking place in Missoula, Montana, on June 15 and 16; Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sept. 14 and 15; Carbondale, Illinois, Oct. 5 and 6; and Gulf Shores, Alabama, Oct. 26 and 27. Registration is open. Learn more online.
A glitch in our mail system caused only 1,500 copies of the Feb. 6, 2018, edition of Flight School Business to go out to subscribers. If you did not receive the Feb. 6 newsletter, view the issue online here.
Foreign students
Does your flight school train foreign students? Please tell us in this week’s survey.
In the Feb. 6, 2018, issue, we wanted to know whether your flight school participates in any kind of Valentine’s Day promotions. Here are the results.

<em>Flight School Business</em>
Selling a niche product
Flight training is a specialized industry. Marketing strategies that would work well for a coffee shop most likely wouldn’t be suitable for your flight school. That’s why it’s worth looking to other niche businesses for tips on getting customers to your front door, or your website. READ MORE ›
Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” True, but when it comes to your business, your company name needs to be different from the names of existing businesses that offer the same or similar products. How do you find out? Check state and federal name registries. See more tips for small businesses from Alister & Paine.
Experience an engine failure on ‘There I Was…’ podcast
Pilots train continuously for engine failures, but it’s tough to simulate an emergency when a student is waiting for the instructor to close the throttle. In the latest edition of the There I Was… podcast, AOPA President Mark Baker describes an engine failure among some of the other challenging situations he has experienced during 10,000 hours in nearly four decades of flying. Listen to the podcast and share with your flight students here.
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