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Rusty Pilots Online FAQs

What if I want to complete the rest of this online course at another time, or on another computer?

Your course progress is automatically saved. If you need to complete the course at another time, or on another computer, simply return to the course. Although the course will open at the very beginning, you’ll be able to navigate directly to the section where you left off. Open the menu at the top of a chapter in the course, look for sections that do not have a checkmark. These are the sections that you have not yet completed. All sections must be complete and quizzes passed before earning a certificate.

I just joined (or rejoined) AOPA and I can't access the course. What is going on?

If you have become a paid AOPA member recently, since the last time you signed into, and are having an issue accessing the Rusty Pilots online course, try this;

Simply log out of by expanding the menu with your name in the upper right and select "sign out". Then click on the "login" button and log back in. Most of the time, simply logging back in to the account associated with your recent membership is all you need to access the course immediately.

The course isn't functioning properly. What's wrong?

This course was optimized for the current iPad model and newer and most modern browsers. Try upgrading your browser to the latest edition and making sure that JavaScript is enabled. Note, slow or intermittent internet connection can also cause issues.

I know sound is used in this course but I can’t hear anything. What’s wrong?

First, make sure that the sound on your system is turned up and that your speakers are turned on. Not all pages use audio.

Why does the quiz take me back into the chapter when I answer it wrong?

This course uses a learning method called remediation. If you miss a question in the quiz, the course will return you to a relevant page to review the content further. Then click the "Next" button on that content page to return to the quiz question for an opportunity to answer to the question again. We want you to understand the content, not just get a minimum score.

It says a pilot certificate number is required to download a course completion certificate, but I don’t hold a pilot certificate. Can I still get a course completion certificate?

Absolutely; just enter any number in the pilot certificate number field. If you do have a pilot certificate, be sure to enter the number correctly, especially if you plan to participate in AOPA Accident Forgiveness or FAA WINGS. Pilot certificate numbers are transmitted via a secure site and are only used for display on your course completion certificate. They are not stored.

I’m unable to download my course completion certificate. I completed the course and passed the final quiz. What’s wrong?

Since the certificate is a PDF file, ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you still cannot download your certificate, please call 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672) and have the following information ready: the name of the online course you completed, your pilot certificate number, and your AOPA member number. If you prefer, you can e-mail [email protected] for further assistance.

What is AOPA Accident Forgiveness?

Available on select insurance policies, AOPA Accident Forgiveness is a coverage enhancement for pilots who regularly participate in Air Safety Institute safety education. Get complete program information on the Air Safety Institute website.

How do I receive FAA WINGS credit for completing this course?

If you already have an FAA WINGS account, you will be prompted to enter your email address upon completing the course. Be sure to enter the email address associated with your account. If you do not yet have an account, you may visit the FAA Safety Team website for details on how to receive credit for completing this online course.

What is My Transcript?

Your transcript tracks your Air Safety Institute safety education accomplishments. It also provides quick and easy access to reprints of most course completion certificates.

Need to Sign Out of the course?

If you are working on a computer that other people have access to (e.g., at a public library), you may want to log out of your AOPA account. Please return to and click Sign Out in the dropdown menu under your name in the upper righthand corner of the browser.

Got questions? Get answers from AOPA's Pilot Information Center at 800-USA-AOPA (872-2672) or [email protected].