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Rules to Live By

Safety Spotlight: Sky Spotter


Keep These Points in Mind:

  • Real-time weather. PIREPs provide critical real-time flight conditions that other sources lack.
  • Plan ahead. Review PIREPs as an essential part of your preflight planning.
  • In-flight updates—you can get PIREPs while en route.
  • Giving a PIREP is easy.
  • Give and get. The more PIREPs we have, the better.
  • Pay it forward. Give a PIREP on every flight outside of the traffic pattern.
  • Consider providing a Route PIREP to describe conditions between two or more points.
  • Reports of actual weather conditions are indispensable when the weather turns out better (or worse) than forecast.
  • PIREPs—including fair weather PIREPs—provide key information to improve forecasts.

The more PIREPs we have, the better.