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Survive: Beyond the Forced LandingSurvive: Beyond the Forced Landing

Prepare yourself for the unlikely event of a post-crash survival scenario with this safety advisor.

medevac team putting injured victim in their helicopter atop a mountain

No one likes to consider the unwelcome possibility of a forced off-airport landing—and the potential survival situation to follow. But as pilot in command, it is your job to prepare for the chance that one day you and your passengers may be in a life-or-death survival scenario, with only your preparation and training to keep you alive. This safety advisor is intended to help all pilots better understand what they can do above and beyond the regulations to survive an accident.

In this safety advisor, you'll review:

  • Preparation for credible contingencies
  • Gearing up for survival
  • The importance of the “golden hour”
  • Keys to successful communication
  • The basics of survival
  • Tips for awaiting rescue