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Volunteer Pilots: Balancing Safety & Compassion


 You love to fly, and you like the idea of using your passion to help others. But what does it take to become a volunteer pilot? Where do you begin? What skills are required and how can you hone those skills to match the high level of professionalism and responsibility expected of volunteer pilots?

This safety spotlight provides a brief overview of public benefit flying and how safety plays a critical role in the success of volunteer flight operations. Explore and get involved.

You’ll review:

  • The importance of an objective self-assessment
  • Strategies to reduce personal stress
  • The importance of being proficient vs being legal
  • Why a conservative approach to a flight is good
  • How to develop personal minimums
  • Caring for passengers
  • Passenger safety and comfort
  • Briefing passengers before flight
  • The need for extra commitment and professionalism