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Volunteer Pilot Groups

Safety SPOTLIGHT: Volunteer Pilots

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At Your Service

There are more than 60 public benefit flight groups listed on the Air Care Alliance (ACA) organization website. These groups provide patient and nonemergency medical transport, disaster relief, animal transport, environmental support, and educational and public services support, so there’s ample opportunity to find and connect with the volunteer group that suits your passion. Visit the ACA website for a complete listing of contact information.

Feed Your Passion, Fly to Help Others

Giving through flying is priceless. But where do you begin? What skills are required and how can you hone those skills to match the high level of professionalism and responsibility expected of volunteer pilots?

First, use this guide for an overview. Then take the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Public Benefit Flying: Balancing Safety and Compassion free online course for an in-depth review of volunteer flying and to bolster your proficiency. The course profiles real-world public benefit flight scenarios and allows you to practice decision-making skills for safe choices, every flight.

Giving through flying is priceless.