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The Official Fuel Price Provider of AOPA

In addition to its mobile and web-based flight planning platforms, including iFlightPlanner for AOPA, iFlightPlanner is now the Official Fuel Price Provider of AOPA.

This mission-critical fuel information from iFlightPlanner is provided to AOPA via daily updates. The fuel prices are available in both AOPA Airports and Destinations™, the AOPA App and iFlightPlanner for AOPA, the powerful web interface included with your AOPA membership. iFlightPlanner for AOPA allows you to plan flights using hi-res charts and weather imagery, retrieve weather briefs, file flight plans, and more. It includes posted retail self and full-serve prices for 100LL, MOGAS, UL94, JET-A, and JET-A+ at over 3,400 FBOs and fuel service providers throughout the United States.

iFlightPlanner strives to maintain the most current retail fuel price database in the industry. If you are a fuel service provider looking for direct access to your pricing, or a pilot reporting a new price, please contact iFlightPlanner.

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