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The largest circulation of any publication targeting turbine aircraft owners-operators, prospective customers, and corporate decision makers. AOPA Pilot Turbine Edition makes it easy to reach this specialized demographic.



  • 108,000 reached monthly
  • 60,000 subscribing readers
  • 19,300 operate turbine aircraft
  • 54% personally own an aircraft
  • 39% hold a top management title
  • 34% are self-employed
  • 26% fly for hire


  • 20% purchased recurrent training within the past 12 months
  • 6,710 plan to purchase a turbine aircraft within 24 months
  • 9% own an aircraft in partnership with one or more individual
  • Majority make decisions on MRO and maintenance



* Full-page black & white ads may be used in combination with four-color rates to earn the most favorable frequency. Fractional black & white ads (1/3 pg or larger) may be used only in combination with fractional color ads.

** The rates apply whenever more than 12 full pages are used during the contract period.


Electronic File Specifications

  • Preferred format: PDF/X1A is the preferred file format for submission.
  • Resolution: All images/files should be high resolution 300 DPI.Total Area or Ink Density is 300%.
  • Colors: Only use CMYK colors; convert spot colors to process. No RGB, LAB, or ICC profiles.
  • Fonts: Always embed all fonts. Do not allow font substitutions. Do not use True Type fonts.
  • Transparency: All transparent objects must be flattened at a high resolution. Avoid placing transparent objects on top of text or other critical vector objects.
  • Bleed: Accepted for full pg, 2/3 pg, 1/2 pg horizontal, and 1/3 pg vertical pages only.

Submit Your File

  • Visit to set up an account.  
    Follow the instructions to submit your PDF file via this portal. 
  • Email files to the following address: [email protected] Failure to provide the required materials can negatively impact the  quality of reproduction and may result in production charges.

Special Position

  • Add 10% per issue


Furnished inserts at black and white earned rate, less 10%. Additional mechanical inserting charges may be required. Other inserts and gatefolds are available; rates and specifications provided on request. Each side of an insert counts as one page, regardless of its dimensions. Charges do not include printing.


1 inch. Ads less than 1/6 page must be in even units with 2 1/4-inch maximum widths. Ads 1/6 page and larger must be standard units only. Bleed plate size 8 3/8 x 11 1/4 inches. Trim size 8 1/8 x 10 7/8 inches. Safety margin: Live matter must be kept 1/4 inch away from final trim size. Page is three columns wide; each column is 2 1/4 inches wide by 10 inches deep.


A minimum of 10 words is required for classified ads. Prepayment discounts are as follows: 5% for six months, 10% for 12 months. Prepayment in full is required for all discounts. Credit cards are accepted as method of payment. The ad-insertion deadlines for display advertisements also apply to classified ads. Classified ads may be emailed to [email protected] or transmitted via fax to 301-695-2396

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