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  • This turbocharged Tecnam P2008 offers several hints of where general aviation may be headed in the future. It brings together less costly construction techniques (metal wings and carbon fiber fuselage) and is certified under less costly rules. On the panel are dramatically less expensive avionics. Some think aircraft like this one may populate flying clubs and rental fleets decades from now, after current four-place, $400,000 airplanes inflate their way up to $1 million. Looking like a mini-Cessna 172, the turbocharged P2008 promises a smooth-running Rotax 914 engine and 117 knots true airspeed at 9,000 feet.

    Tecnam P2008 TC


  • Powerplant

    Rotax 912Uls2, 100 hp

  • Propellers

    Sensenich, 2 blade Fixed Pitch

  • Length

  • Height

  • Wingspan

  • Wing Area

  • Wing loading

  • Power loading

  • Cabin Width

  • Empty Weight

  • Maximum gross weight

  • Useful load

  • Payload with full fuel

  • Fuel capacity

    29 gal

  • Baggage capacity


  • Takeoff distance ground roll

  • Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle

  • Rate of climb sea level

  • Service ceiling

  • Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle

  • Landing distance ground roll

  • Cruise speed/endurance w/45-min rsv, std fuel (fuel consumption, ea engine) @ 75% power, best economy

    120 kt/4.5 gph

  • Range

Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds

  • VX

  • VY

  • VNE

  • VS1

  • VSO

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All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted.