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aircraft maintenance for engine airframe avionics and more

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Aircraft ownership and maintenance

Last Chance to Dance: camaraderie, education and inspiration during the close of the flying season.

With fall leaves changing and winter weather approaching; many of us are getting our last fly-ins of the season in the flight planner. Though I live at the beach in California, not everyone gets to enjoy about 11 months of VMC. Why not check out remaining fly-ins in your area, and get in on the ...
Aircraft ownership and maintenance

Unobtanium and Unaffordium

un·ob·tain·i·um (ˌənəbˈtānēəm)—noun informal—a highly desirable material that is hypothetical, scientifically impossible, extremely rare, costly, or fictional, or has some of these properties in combination. As I write this, I’m just in the final throes of completing the annual inspection on my Cessna Turbo 310. Usually I do this myself, and it takes me three or ...
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