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Aircraft ownership and maintenance

Gary meets his airplane

We surprised Gary Walters pretty good last week when Mark Baker told him he is the winner of our Sweepstakes 172. Unlike previous years, we didn’t have an airplane to show him. The 172 was tucked away in a hangar at Oshkosh, waiting for the start of AirVenture. There wasn’t time to fly the airplane from ...
Aircraft ownership and maintenance

Wonderful news for Continental 520/550 owners!

Mandatory Service Bulletin MSB05-8B (camshaft gear) downgraded to non-mandatory. FAA will not issue AD. In April, my blog post “Continental’s War on Camshaft Gears” I wrote about Continental Motors’ issuance of Mandatory Service Bulletin MSB05-8B intended to compel owners of Continental 520- and 550-series engines (and a few IO-470s) to preemptively replace the older-style camshaft gears with a ...
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