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AOPA Flight Explorer 4.0 adds new views, mappingAOPA Flight Explorer 4.0 adds new views, mapping

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Version 4.0 of AOPA Flight Explorer® Personal Edition is now available on AOPA Online, with a host of new options for real-time tracking of airline and many general aviation flights.

Among the new features of AOPA Flight Explorer PE v 4.0 are expanded airport and terrain databases, enhanced aircraft filtering, and a trademarked "Follow Me" option that can track an individual flight from takeoff to landing automatically. The Flight Explorer service, originally launched on AOPA Online in October last year, allows individual pilots, their families, and friends to track all airline and general aviation IFR flights, and some VFR flights using ATC flight following service, in real time.

As with previous versions, a month's subscription to AOPA Flight Explorer allows up to 10 hours of real-time flight tracking for $8.95, with additional hours for a nominal fee. The free software is downloadable in demonstration mode, and real-time tracking may be activated at any time with a credit card. The software license allows installation on as many PCs as desired with one user ID and password.

"AOPA Flight Explorer Personal Edition is a terrific tool for both pilots and their friends and family," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "Not only can they track specific GA aircraft, but it improves efficiency and safety by making available the big picture and situational awareness of air traffic anywhere along their route."

New features of AOPA Flight Explorer PE 4.0 include:

  • New surface overlays, with counties, highways, lakes, rivers, flight service stations, communications facilities, weather stations, and all major worldwide cities.
  • New User Defined View TM settings, including a worldwide Jeppesen database with airport IDs, enhanced aircraft filtering, and many other features.
  • Selectable terrain/elevation/ocean depth mapping, with higher resolution base maps for more detailed situational awareness.
  • Enhanced aircraft filtering allowing inclusion or exclusion based on aircraft ID, aircraft type, origin, destination or altitude.
  • Map manipulation enhancements, with more extensive zooming and panning features.
  • Full screen mode for a larger picture on a desktop PC.
  • Follow Me TM allowing tracking of an individual flight from takeoff to landing, with the tracked aircraft remaining centered on the screen.

AOPA Flight Explorer Personal Edition v. 4.0 service is available to AOPA members through an agreement with Flight Explorer, the world's leading provider of Internet-based real-time flight tracking and information systems, reporting, and display products. More information is available online.

AOPA was founded in 1939 to help keep general aviation flying fun, safe, and affordable. With more than 380,000 members, AOPA represents some 60 percent of all active pilots.


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