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Flight Explorer adds graphical TFRs to displayFlight Explorer adds graphical TFRs to display

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AOPA Flight Explorer Personal Edition® has added graphical depictions of temporary flight restriction areas, adding additional value to the real-time aircraft tracking service.

"These days, a pilot accidentally violating a TFR is likely to lose his license, or worse," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "But written notams identifying TFRs are notoriously difficult to interpret. This new AOPA Flight Explorer PE service can help pilots visualize places they must avoid." He added that FAA notams should still be reviewed as the official source for TFR information.

The new TFR depictions, which are updated every 12 hours, are the latest in a series of improvements to the service. The basic Flight Explorer PE, introduced as an AOPA service in 2001, tracks all IFR aircraft nationwide in real time, for most aircraft showing aircraft position, points of origin and destination, altitude, speed, ETA, and more.

Earlier this year, the service added real-time access to the complete AOPA's Airport Directory, as well as new surface overlays with counties, highways, rivers, and more; terrain, elevation, and ocean depth maps; and aircraft filtering to include or exclude specific aircraft on the display.

AOPA Flight Explorer PE requires only a personal computer and an Internet connection and provides up to 10 hours of flight tracking per month for $8.95, with no additional charge for the graphical TFRs.

For additional information on AOPA Flight Explorer PE or to subscribe to the service, visit the Web page.


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