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AOPA Online Members Only -- AOPA ePilot Flight Training Edition --Vol. 4, Issue 23AOPA Online Members Only -- AOPA ePilot Flight Training Edition --Vol. 4, Issue 23

Volume 4, Issue 23 • June 4, 2004
In this issue:
Flight of Discovery to follow Lewis and Clark trail
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Training Tips
Flying an aircraft is a responsible undertaking. Shouldering the responsibilities begins almost as soon as flight training itself. Some trainees regard the flight instructor or school as a parental figure who sees to all administrative details, while the trainee's only job is to show up and be educated. Not so! Especially after you have earned solo privileges, you accept the duty to ensure that your logbook endorsements are up to date, that you are authorized to solo the aircraft you plan to fly, and that the flight can be made considering limitations set by your CFI.

Need to review? Start with the Federal Aviation Regulation that states: "A student pilot may not operate an aircraft in solo flight unless that student pilot has received:
(1) An endorsement from an authorized instructor on his or her student pilot certificate for the specific make and model aircraft to be flown; and
(2) An endorsement in the student's logbook for the specific make and model aircraft to be flown by an authorized instructor, who gave the training within the 90 days preceding the date of the flight."

Note that both your student pilot certificate and your logbook must bear correct entries. Logbook management was the subject of the November 22, 2002, Training Tips. Are you in compliance? A switch of training aircraft after you first soloed-say from a Cessna 152 to a Cessna 172-could put you on the wrong side of requirement (1) if your certificate was never endorsed for soloing the Cessna 172. If you changed flight schools, or everyone (including you) forgot, requirement (2) for a logbook endorsement within 90 days could lapse.

A pitfall: If there is an airport within 25 nautical miles of your home airport that you use on dual flights for takeoffs and landings, don't fly there solo unless the instructor who gave you the training authorizes it with a logbook endorsement. All other required endorsements must be current.

Remember that solo flying is subject to limitations set by your instructor, perhaps prescribing minimum weather conditions or maximum winds or crosswinds, as discussed in David Montoya's December 2002 AOPA Flight Training feature "What Dreams Are Made Of."

Flying solo is a joy and a responsibility. Savor the joy; accept the responsibility!

Your Partner in Training
Extra careful preflight is required for night flying. Organizing the cockpit, choosing checkpoints, pondering emergency situations-the challenges are greater, but so are the freedoms. The special skills of night flying can only be acquired and maintained by frequent night flights. If you missed the article on night flying in the October 2002 issue of AOPA Flight Training, read it now at AOPA Online.

Do you have a question? Call our experienced pilots-available weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern toll-free at 800/872-2672. AOPA Flight Training Members have access to all of the features within AOPA Online. Login information is available online.

Flight Training News
Earlier this week Flight of Discovery launched on its effort to trace Lewis and Clark's route, using seven GA airplanes and two helicopters. Along the way, members of the expedition will meet with elementary and secondary school classes, to whom they have shipped out "Trunks of Discovery" complete with science experiments and aviation projects. A feature on the expedition will be in an upcoming issue of AOPA Pilot magazine. To follow along, see the Web site.

Inside AOPA
Samuel C. Johnson may have been better known to the public as the founder of the company that bore his name-SC Johnson, makers of Johnson Wax and other household products. But AOPA knew him as a 50-year member and vocal advocate of general aviation. Johnson, who died last month at age 76, learned to fly in a Piper J-3 Cub, was type-rated in jets, and flew his personal Cessna Caravan late into his life. Learn more about Samuel C. Johnson's aviation interests on AOPA Online.

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Training Products
Your First Few Hours, Volume 1 of Sporty's interactive DVDs, is intended to give the viewer basics of the first few flight lessons: aerodynamics, aircraft flight controls, aircraft systems, preflight inspection, starting the engine, taxiing, takeoff, basic flight maneuvers, and traffic patterns. The DVD is two hours and 22 minutes long and includes 14 interactive quizzes and one scored review exam with FAA questions. Not sure if the DVD format is right for you? Try Volume 1 for free and pay $3.95 for shipping. Order online or call 800/SPORTYS.

Final Exam
Question: Can you tell me what the differences are between isolated thunderstorms and scattered thunderstorms?

Answer: AOPA's weather provider, Meteorlogix, explains that isolated thunderstorms are generally smaller and more widely spaced, taking up less than 20 percent of the forecast area. Scattered storms are more numerous and cover 20 percent to 50 percent of the forecast area. You'll find much more information online about thunderstorms in AOPA's subject report, Thunderstorm Avoidance .

Got a question for our technical services staff? E-mail to [email protected] or call the Pilot Information Center, 800/872-2672. Don't forget the online archive of "Final Exam" questions and answers, searchable by keyword or topic.

Picture Perfect
A special deal for your special dad! For a limited time, AOPA members can order 8-by-10-inch prints from the Online Gallery for 50 percent off the regular $37 price. Search through hundreds of stunning images and choose the perfect gift for dad. Order by June 7 to guarantee delivery by Father's Day. Of course, you can still download your favorite images to use for wallpaper or send a personalized e-card. For more details, see AOPA Online.

What's New At AOPA Online
A near midair collision shakes up a newly minted CFI returning from his checkride. He tells the tale in "Dangerous Space," this month's installment of Never Again Online.

Weekend Weather
See the current weather on AOPA Online, provided by Meteorlogix.

ePilot Calendar
Frederick, Maryland. The AOPA Fly-In and Open House takes place June 5 at AOPA headquarters at Frederick Municipal (FDK). Visit your organization's headquarters and meet the AOPA staff dedicated to serving the GA industry. For details, call 800/USA-AOPA, or visit the Web site.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The Twelfth Annual Manitowoc County Airshow and Balloon Rally takes place June 5 and 6 at Manitowoc County (MTW). Featuring top military and civilian performers, seaplane fly-in, warbirds, and hot air balloons. Transient aircraft welcome; free breakfast for all arriving pilots. Seaplane beaching available. Contact Curt Drumm, 920/794-3150, or visit the Web site.

Galveston, Texas. The Gulf Coast Wings Weekend takes place June 4 and 5 at Scholes International at Galveston (GLS). The Texas Aviation Association will present over 100 hours of Wings safety seminars. Contact Tre Deathe, 512/454-9476, or visit the Web site.

La Crosse, Wisconsin. The 2004 Airfest takes place June 12 and 13 at La Crosse Municipal (LSE). The top air show in the Midwest is coming-see the Web site for details and to order tickets online.

St. Francis, Kansas. The Twenty-second Annual Stearman Fly-in takes place June 12 and 13 at Cheyenne County Municipal (SYF). Featuring Stearman biplanes, hot air balloons, skydivers, breakfast and lunch on field. Contact Robert Grace, 785/332-2251, or visit the Web site.

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Thunder Over the Prairie Airshow 2004 takes place June 12 and 13 at Coeur d'Alene Air Terminal (COE). Many demonstrations and acts; static display, military and civil; vendor's area; and evening events. Contact Hayden Chamber of Commerce, 208/772-4411, or visit the Web site.

To submit an event to the calendar, or search all events, visit AOPA Online. For airport details, see AOPA's Airport Directory Online .

The next AOPA Air Safety Foundation Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic is scheduled in Columbus, Ohio, June 12 and 13. Clinics are also scheduled in Phoenix; and Reston, Virginia, June 26 and 27. For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online. Can't make it in person? Sign up for the CFI Renewal Online.

AOPA Air Safety Foundation Safety Seminar is scheduled in Fort Worth, Texas, June 12. For complete details on topics and schedules, see AOPA Online.

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