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FAA finalizes changes to L.A. Class B airspaceFAA finalizes changes to L.A. Class B airspace

FAA finalizes changes to L.A. Class B airspace

The FAA announced changes to the Los Angeles Class B airspace Thursday that will shrink the airspace to the northwest, south, and southeast but expand it to the east to better protect Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The change cuts out about 100 square miles from the Class B airspace. AOPA had filed comments in May supporting the change that will benefit general aviation by enhancing safety and improving traffic flow. The FAA worked with the Southern California Airspace Users Working Group, of which AOPA is a member, to develop the modifications. "This is clearly an example of how airspace modifications should be handled," said Heidi Williams, AOPA director of air traffic services. "It shows that the FAA can work with local airspace users to create changes that are positive for everyone." The rule becomes effective December 22.

August 12, 2005

Topics: ADSB

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